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CoWIN Updates Its Terms of Service, User Accounts Can Now Get Blocked for Doing This

CoWIN has updated its Terms of Service, and accounts of users found violating these conditions could be blocked or even permanently cancelled

CoWIN has now uploaded its updated Terms of Service, and there are several new rules that users trying to book slots on the platform should be aware of. Over the past few days, users have been complaining about getting blocked from the platform for “exceeding search limits.” The new Terms of Service have provided an answer to that as well. Going forward, all users are expected to abide by these new conditions, and those held in violation of these rules may be temporarily or permanently blocked from CoWIN.

New CoWIN Terms of Service that Users Need to Be Followed by Users

CoWIN says that its Privacy Policy, Open API Policy and any other policies, rules or guidelines that may be applicable to particular offers or features on the Site are also incorporated into these new Terms. By visiting or using the site, users need to comply with the following terms that could be updated from time to time:

  • Users may not use another person’s account without permission.
  • Suppose users notice any unusual activity in their account, a notification in writing must be submitted to the CoWIN team stating of the security breach.
  • Suppose a user is found violating someone else’s rights or violates the policies, the account in question may be cancelled or blocked.
  • Users are also not allowed to open multiple accounts of themselves or any other individual using multiple mobile numbers.
  • Those engaged in spamming or flooding, harvesting or collecting other users’ information, and inhibiting others from using the platform will also be held accountable.
  • Use any automated software or computer system to search for or book appointments including sending information from the user’s computer to another computer where such software or system is active is not allowed.
  • Accessing, reloading, or refreshing a transactional event or schedule appointment pages, or making any other request to transactional servers, more than once during any three-second interval could lead to blocking of an account.
  • Making more than 1,000 requests of the site in any 24-hour period, whether alone or with a group of individuals will not be allowed.
  • Making more than 20 search requests on the Site within 15 minutes session duration could lead to blocking of accounts as well.

There are several other new clauses that have been introduced, and viewers are advised to go through the updated CoWIN Terms of Service in detail to avoid getting blocked from the platform.

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