CoWIN Registered Names Missing

CoWIN Registered Names and Other Vaccination Data Goes Missing, Say Citizens

CoWIN registered names and vaccination dose details have gone missing from the CoWIN portal say citizens who have been unable to locate their data

CoWIN registered names and vaccination dose details have gone missing yet again. A similar problem had earlier surfaced in the month of June 2021 as well. Users have been complaining that all their vaccination-related data such as first dose, second dose, and member details have vanished from the platform. “Have our vaccination records disappeared from our CoWIN registered number? Mine is empty? What about you?” asks a user.

“My mother took first Dose, and now she is missing from the data updated on the CoWIN platform and we are not able to arrange the second dose. What to do? Kindly suggest,” asks a user to Dataquest. “I’m facing an error where when I log in to the CoWIN website as all my data is gone. All members registered are gone. Even those who were vaccinated their data is gone. Please solve this issue,” says Rohit Kelsukar.

“Dear Sir, I had registered all my family members on the CoWIN portal and even completed my first vaccine. The due date for the second dose starts today and when I logged in, I was surprised to see that all my data is lost. can you please help? I’m unable to schedule an appointment,” says Shankar.

When Dataquest contacted the technical helpline of CoWIN at 1075, we were told that this is a technical issue, which should be resolved in some time. Viewers are advised to check for their data in the CoWIN portal after some time as the issue is likely to get resolved on its own. Furthermore, users are also advised not to overuse the platform as they could get locked out of their accounts for the same as per the new guidelines of the platform.

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