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CoWIN Registered Names Go Missing, Data of Added Members Not Getting Displayed Say Users

CoWIN registered names have gone missing, and several members’ data are not being displayed which is leading to concern among beneficiaries

CoWIN registered names have gone missing for several users of the platform. While it is currently not known if it is a bug of some sort, several citizens have reported that the data of the four members added by them are not getting displayed on the platform. While some users are only able to see their data, and not of the beneficiaries added by them, others are complaining of the platform throwing up a blank page.

What is concerning for users is that when they tried to add the names back, they receive a message that says the name has already been registered on the platform. “Hi, My registered names have just disappeared from the app. When I tried to add it again, it says you are already registered. Can anyone help me resolve this issue,” asks Kavita D’Souza on Dataquest.

“My registered details have vanished from the app suddenly. When I am registering again, it says I am due for the first dose, even when I am done with it. Please fix the bug, or else our second doses can be in danger,” says Harshit Anand. Users are also reportedly facing the same issue when they tried to log in through Aarogya Setu and UMANG app.

“I already tried by logging from UMANG app, CoWIN website, and Aarogya Setu app, and from everywhere it is showing blank page after logging through OTP,” says Deepak Porwal. Some users have been reporting the platform shows only two beneficiaries’ data when they have actually added four.

“My mobile number has 4 registrations of me and my family. All of us vaccinated with first dose so far but today it shows only one member on CoWIN platform while the other three others are not shown on the portal. I am also unable to add them back as when I try it shows a maximum of four registrations allowed,” says Manish Jain.

“I had 3 more people registered with my number on CoWIN. All partially vaccinated. Just a day before my second vaccination date … I see only one of the names on the registration page and it’s not even mine. Unable to reregister also. Says already registered. But not showing,” says Shilpi Tewari on Twitter. “My second dose is in danger. CoWin is dead and bugged. Not showing members data and when trying to register again it says it’s already registered,” adds Abhishek Bhattacharya on a similar note.

CoWIN over the past week has faced several technical issues. From users receiving OTP failed messages to accounts getting blocked, several problems are being reported with the platform. While the reason behind this is yet to be ascertained, users are advised not to try and log in multiple times as according to the CoWIN platform’s new Terms of Service, user accounts can get suspended or blocked if they try to log in multiple times or make multiple searches. Viewers are also advised to call 1075 to receive assistance on the matter.

Update: The Issue Has Been Resolved


  1. KK

    I am facing a similar issue. The login screen is completely blank
    I am unable to access my details and secret code

    Please help

  2. Prabudh

    I am also facing the same issue. From 4 days I was unable to login and now when they activated it, it’s not showing the member details. Neither in cowin nor in aarogya setu nor in umaang app

  3. Srinivas Reddy

    I have my vaccination today and when I check the cowin site, I am not able to see my family details. Reallly Unhappy with
    Not sure why govt is releasing such versions of changes that is full of defects.

  4. Sourabh Patni

    I am also having same issue, member name is now showing in cowin portal for second dose. 4 members registers but only 1 name is showing. Please help on this as second dose is due.

  5. N Biju

    I have taken vaccination on April 9 and my due date is 1 July I have not received any confirmation and to my surprise all data is missing in my cowin site even the hospital where I have taken vaccination says they can’t find my details how will I get my second does please advise

  6. Rakesh Kumar

    I had registered myself and my wife for vaccination. Accordingly we got the 1st dose. Today I logged in the CoWin app where my wife’s name is only, myself is missing from the portal.

    How would I get 2nd dose?

    • Venkata

      You will see your data may be after some time.. Not to worry.. Could be some technical upgrade activities that happen in the background

  7. Venkata

    It happened to me as well but got the data back after sometime.. This could be due to any kind of upgrade/maintenance activities..

  8. MV

    As usual, Hope they will not blame everything on 70 years of previous rule for this.. oh forgot.. china virus corona attacked even in computer. CoWIN website and even government needs vaccine to work

  9. Rahul Chatterjee

    Same problem i guess nothing to worry because add member is not working as u are already registered it will automatically get restored i guess,i am from kolkata

  10. Reena Saha

    My father had taken his first dose of covishield vaccine on third April, he got manual certificate from the health center, but he not received any SMS, and when he saw the cowin portal, he was not registered there. His time for getting second dose of the vaccine is approaching nearby,but he is not understanding how he can be registered in cowin portal for the second dose.

  11. Nissi

    We also faced somewhat a similar father in laws and mother in laws aadhar number was shown as used by some one else in another state. …What is happening we don’t understand…should we give an official complaint , how do do it…no idea…

  12. V RAMANI

    I got vaccinated with covaxin on 26/03/2021
    After few days I downloaded the certificate
    To my surprise it shows my gender as Female,vaccination date 31/03/2021 and vaccinated with Covidshield where as in my card given by corporation it is correctly referring my card I got my second dose of , covaxin also
    How to correct the details
    Any mail ID to represent

  13. Ravi sekhar. Lingamguntla

    I got vaccineated with Dose-1/COVISHIELD on 26/5/2021
    After that I don’t get any message my phone and not uploading my data online also. I went back my vaccination center asked them but they’re not responding well. Their answer is it’ll come. Till I’m checking online no used. My data will not uploaded. So pls help me how can I get my certificate without creating data.

  14. Veena Rao

    I have already taken my first dose of covishield vaccination .I did not get any message on my registered phone .when i want to register for the second dose(as it is due in the near future)the Cowin portal goves the message…not vaccinated…i an not able to understand how to register for the second dose..

  15. Pradeep

    Hi all i have different issue when ever I open cowin app it’s show my adhar got registered with multi phone numbers

  16. Venkat

    For me it’s really intresting issue the certificate of first dose shows covishield and in the cowin Vaccine this shows covaxin now when scheduling dose 2 it’s giving me only covaxin , the issue is no one picks up the phone on 1075 no mail IDs for support nor any option to raise the issues ,

  17. Michele babu

    Taken vaccine in the center but still not reflecting in website not got the certificate. It will a big issue in getting second scheduled and to know our corporate office. Help me

  18. Subbalakshmi Anupindi

    My husband and myself have taken two doses of Covishield vaccination in a private hospital and we got certificate from them. But when trying to check in Cowin or digilick with beneficiary Id it says that mobile no is different In Arogya setu app it shows registered but we have not taken the vaccination. How to go about it

  19. Karan Dhaliwal

    Hi i am 18yrs old I got vaccinated on 26/5/21 but on vaccine certificate my age is written as 19 yrs and adhaar number is also missing. As i have to travel to canada i have to show my certificate on airport. Please help me to find solution .

  20. Anjali Mogre

    my aunty has taken first dose on March 10 – however the same is not reflected in COWIN app. How can I register for second dose ?

  21. Pingale

    In my wife’s Cowin OTP based login account unknown ladies named nilima from Andhrapradesh added without giving OTP to that lady.How it is added god knows. What shall be effected on my
    wife’s mobile no. Whether mobile no is cloaned or not?

  22. Pooja

    Somebody’s details have been linked to my mobile number and it’s ridiculous . Please help me delete the same .

    I’ve tried reaching out to support but no one even bothers to pick up the helpline numbers for technical issues on the app.

  23. Piyush baid

    My mother took the second dose from a private hospital. No Sms or certificate is generated. It’s over 2 months. Have complained on cowin helpline. Have ran many a times to the center where she took the dose. They said they have submitted the record. What do I do. If she has to travel she will need the second dose certificate. On cowin it shows she is due for vaccination. Whereas she took her second dose on 30.4.2021 at kolkata nightingale hospital. Hospital says their portal is blocked. They say you have the receipt with you. What will I do with a receipt. When nothing is updated from their end. Please find a solution for this issue.

  24. Ujjal saha

    I took vaccine 1st dose but it’s not showing in cowin app and after entering cowin their is written that u r not vaccinated…. Plz help me out and no msg also coming after vaccination….

  25. NR Manohar

    I have received both doses of covishield. But I get certificate for the first dose only. Even now it is telling that I am due for second dose . HOw to get the details

  26. farina sikander

    My Mum had both her covashield vaccination, but unfortunately her second dose is not registered henceforth the Final certificate cannot be retrieved from the portal. It could be concerning if she needs to travel abraod. Could someone please guide as who to contact to rectify this error. Is there a email address or a telephone for the concern department.

    Many Thanks

  27. nishu singh tomer

    Sir my father has taken his first dose of covishield vaccine but he does not have any detail or proof of tha vaccination… causes a very big problem to take his second dose because there is not any registeration details …..plz help me how can we get his registeration details using adhar card only ….plz tell me 🙏

  28. J S

    Unable to add in passport details as name change request has been denied. South Indians have initials. Passport wants initials expanded. While registering for vaccine, I used initials as in aadhaar. Now can’t change my name. Nobody replies to email. Can’t reach phone number..always busy. Can’t they implement queue syatem. Very frustrating.

  29. Garimasolanki

    Hello sir ,
    My mom vaccination is done for 1 dose and all apps are showing that its not scheduled . Please help me out of this !!!

  30. Pramila Anil Khandait

    I have taken the first dose of Covishield but I didn’t get the message on my mobile number. I will face problem for the second dose. Kindly solve the issue.

  31. Dr rohini prathaban

    I &my parents took first dose of covishield on 15march 21, only my mother received certificate, I went to centre ,they said I will get , wen we took 2nd dose on 5may 21 my mother’s shows fully vaccinated ,my father & mine shows first dose ,it shows second dose to b taken in July ,bt actually it will be third dose , how do I correct it

  32. John j v

    I have taken 1st dose of covishield on 9/4/2021. Not received any sms or certificate. On cowin showing not vaccinated/not scheduled. 2nd dose is due. Please advise.

  33. Swati

    I’ve got first dose but still cowin is showing not vaccinated on the website. My certificate is available on Cova Punjab app but i need it on Cowin so as to connect it to my passport number because i have to travel abroad. Please can anyone tell how to solve this issue ?

  34. Manoj Kumar Mallick

    Need help from anyone,
    My mother has taken 1st dose of covishield vaccine, but nothing is showing on Cowin portal that she has taken 1st dose. Now I am unable to book the slot for 2nd dose and the big problem is, she won’t travel to abroad without vaccination certificate..can anyone pls help me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. Upendra Awasthi

    I completely my first dose of COVISIELD, 3 member of my family register of my phone no. But i got only to certificate, my certicate not showing and also not find fist dose sms

  36. Jayaramulu

    Sir my father has taken his 2 doses of covishield vaccine but he does not have any detail or proof of tha vaccination.Could any one hello me out in getting message or certificate for his aadhar.

  37. selvam

    trying add beneficiary name in app. But after entered details , the app is not showing the added beneficiary name.

  38. Rashmi Rawal

    Need a help !!!!
    My Mother got her 1 dose of Vaccination she even received msg but it is not displaying on her account . As her 2 dose due date has arrived she need to register herself but as she has not taken her 1 dose according to her account details so now she is not eligible to get registered for 2 dose . And we think this is because of her Name spelling mistake. Please give us the solution for this.

  39. Rohini Vikram Galande

    My grandmother had taken 1st dose of covishield on 14/4/2021. Not received any sms or certificate. On cowin showing not vaccinated/not scheduled. 2nd dose is due. Please advise.

  40. Neha Patel

    I’ve got first dose but still cowin is showing not vaccinated on the website. My certificate is available but i need it on Cowin website. Please can anyone tell how to solve this issue ?

  41. Daisy

    Same here 3 registrations , no data
    Need to link the first dose to passport. Cannot do it as CoWIN shows no data

  42. Sharad

    Same issue i have 4 profile with 1st dose vaccinated and now no data shiwing in cowin . Need to add it in my passport .

  43. Rekha

    Myself and my husband got vacinted for 2nd dose of vaccine in cowin app it is not showing my husband name only my name it is showing why is that to rectify the error

  44. Priya

    I’ve taken my first dose of covaxin at a camp nearby..but I didn’t receive any message regarding vaccination I don’t have any proof for my first dose

  45. Tejaswini kothe

    My mother and father both are the 1st dose done but i didn’t receive any message related to vaccine pls help

  46. Sayan

    I’ve taken my first dose of covaxin at a camp nearby..but I didn’t receive any message regarding vaccination I don’t have any proof for my first dose

  47. Sharafudheen KM

    I am also having same issue, member name is now showing in cowin portal for second dose. 4 members registers but logine time checked only showing add member. Please help on this as second dose is due.

  48. Sharafudheen KM

    I am also having same issue, member name is showing before in cowin portal for second dose due to 2 member. Total 3 members registers my account, but now only showing “add member”. Please help on this as second dose is due.

  49. Aashima

    My mother took first Dose of Covidsheild on 3rd April 2021, now she is missing from the data and we are not able to arrange the second dose. What to do? Kindly suggest.

  50. Dinesh Thakkar

    I took 1st dose of covisheild vaccine on 4th april. But it shows not vaccinated. Reschedule. What can be done.

  51. Sunita Patle

    I have taken first dose of covishield through cgteeka app.but it is closed .I am not able to book second dose as data is not trasfered to cowin.

  52. Devipriya

    I have registered for covid vaccine my registration number was missed now in vaccination it is compulsory how can I get vaccination

  53. Hareesha N

    My mother took first Dose of now she is missing from the data and we are not able to arrange the second dose. What to do? Kindly suggest.

  54. Sanket Athawale

    I took 1st dose of covaxin, but no sms or update in my cowin account. But it shows not vaccinated. Reschedule. What can be done.what can I do further to get this corrected.

  55. Sanket Athawale

    I took 1st dose of covaxin, but no sms or update in my cowin account and it shows not vaccinated. Reschedule. What can I do further to get this corrected

  56. Rakesh

    I’ve got both doses. My username dashboard is blank. No Idea how to see details or download certificate. If any body have hack or workaroud pls let me know.

  57. Babitha Thomas

    My dad has taken his covishield 1st dose, bt now its showing not vaccinated n reschedule… His second dose is due now… Wt should v do further?

  58. Bed Prakash Singh

    Me and my have taken covishield on 18 th of March 21 but it’s not showing then we took the dose on 30th April 2021. Now its showing 30th April 2nd dose as first dose what should I do now.

  59. Dastgir Shikalgar

    I have taken second dose of Covishild … With my wife… But not showing my second dose status…. Showing only first dose…. What to do…. Can anybody have solution

  60. Aashish kumar Jha

    I got vaccinated 12 days back but still not got any message or confirmation. In app it’s showing Dose 1 is still due. Please help me through this…!!! I am really worried about it…!!!

  61. Madhab sharma

    Me and wife got vaccinated on June 7 and as per governmant the 2nd dose date is nearby . Our names are still missing ,how can we generate the 1dose certificate and what are the possibilities of getting the 2nd dose without the certificate ??? Please assist as we have to vaccinated completely. Thank you

  62. Diksha Pandit

    I am vaccinated first dose but i’ll vanish the sms mistakly please how to back my sms because its important my exans are near its important

  63. Deepak kumar

    My name is Deepak kumar,My age is 24yrs and I’ve take थे 1st dos of covishield on 14 Aug,2021 but my name is not showing in aarogya shetu app and in any other.

  64. Aminamol. J

    I am vaccinated first dose at aug. 15.but now my profile is vanished. I am totally worried and i am again created my profile.

  65. Vishore R

    I have been vaccinated with both the doses.
    But my data is not there in the cowin portal.
    When I try to register using my Aadhar it says it is already registered with some number ending with xxxxxxx9999.

  66. Partha Sarathi Chattopadhyay

    I got 1st dose of vaccination on 15th June,2021, got the certificate downloaded. But now the portal Cowin says you are not vaccinated

  67. Ten Tshering Lepcha

    I have taken the covaxin 1st dose but unable to receive regarding the 1st dose and I am unable to receive second dose whenever I go for vaccine center they ask me for the proof that I have taken frist dose . And my 1st dose vaccine I have teken on July 1st . Please help what is the procedure for second dose to continue . Please help worried so much about my second dose.

  68. Purnima sharma

    I got vaccinated on 3 june but my data got vanished from cowin app…
    The time…for my second dose has arrived that is today 26 of aug , and when i visited the CHC of my area they..just lifted their hands.. that..they can’t do anything in this matter .

    How am i supposed to get the second dose now..?
    As i try to login again .. it registers me with… first dose again…!!


    I have vaccinated my 1st dose but still it is not updated i need to download the certificate and have to put 2nd dose.. need to resolve this

  70. Koppisetti Devi

    I have taken 1st dose of vaccination on 24th august 2021 but not receive any message and certificate in cowin portal Or arogya app shown not vaccinated why it is showing like that

  71. Soundarya

    I have been vaccinated with both the doses. When I tried to add my passport details, it says it is already linked with the number ending with ******9999.
    How do I know whose number is this? Kindly resolve.

    • Jerome

      Dear Soundarya,

      Same issue happened to me. I’m still trying to resolve😥

      someone used passport number mistakenly and removed from database using certificate correction option.
      hence, 1234999999 has been assigned to you by the system. Cowin has not yet made a way to resolve this issue.

      Pls address in Twitter by tagging Covid and Cowin related officials.
      Try to contact your district Immunization officer for help.

      Good luck!

  72. Zil patel

    I have taken a first doze in april and after that I have taken a second doze but till date first doze certificate not available also registration details also not logged on portal. I need first dose certificate as I need to travel abroad.
    Please suggest how to get first dose certificate

  73. Kirti

    My sister took vaccine on 19 jun and they did not provide them any slip nor they got sms after vaccination and in cowin site it is showing as yet to take first vaccine . Even when she is asking query in vaccination camp they are talking so badly i can’t even describe . we are also working people at least so some respect I am not blaming the whole camp but there are some camp who do such thing and I want to know is there any alternative method to check that with the help of aadhar card because i think I would be more convenient

  74. Abhijeet Kahar

    Same issue I am login cowin but registered member not display in portel please solve this problem and mention solution

  75. Aparna Kumaravel

    Myself and my brother got our first vaccination on 5th of July in corporate office, but yet not we have not get registered for the completion of first dose. We are in need of vaccination certificate and need to have the second vaccination in the coming few days. As now am in much need to submit my vaccination certificate in my work place. Kindly please help out on this.

  76. Vishnu

    I have vaccinated on June 4th but didn’t received any SMS .I have tried to remove name and try to add again but it’s saying Aadhaar number is registered with mobile number xxx xxx 4445 but it’s not my mobile number.How to check what is the mobile number.

    • Jerome

      Dear Visnu,

      Pls contact technical helpdesk and get the 10 digits of mobile number.

      Then, try to contact that person and get the OTP.

      Solve the issue by yourself.

  77. Shamsudheen

    I coudn’t see the profile in the cowin platform which has already been registerd and took dose1 vaccination. So please solve this immediately for the purpose of schedule the dose2 vaccination

    • Jerome

      Call technical help desk and find the 10 digits of mobile number first.

      Then try to call that person, explain your problem and try to get OTP.
      Login to account and transfer tour data to another number through certificate correction option.

      Hope this will help

  78. Jerome

    1.while trying to add passport, error popup comes as “This passport ID is already in use”.
    2. my account is registered to an unknown invalid mobile number

    Therefore I am unable to access my certificate.


    I had registered myself and my wife for vaccination. Accordingly we got the 1st dose. Today I logged in the CoWin app where my wife’s name is only, myself is missing from the portal.

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