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CoWIN App Begins Vaccine Registration Below 45 Years, Here’s When Appointments Can Be Scheduled

CoWIN app has started vaccine registration below 45 years, but there is no option for those above 45 years of age to schedule appointments as of now

CoWIN app is now accepting vaccine registration below 45 years, and the platform claims to have registered 1.33 crore registrations on the first day. “There have been 79,65,720 registrations on CoWIN today, most of these in the last three hours (16:00-19:00) and mostly of 18-44 age group. We have seen a traffic of 55,000 hits per second. System functioning as expected,” said CoWIN Chief RS Sharma about the first three hours after the portal was opened.

As of now, over 2.78 crore SMSes have been delivered through the CoWIN app, said Sharma. Although the portal faced initial glitches, it could handle the 383 million API hits till 7 pm significantly well said the Ministry of Health. “The CoWIN software is a robust, dependable and agile technology. It offers anytime anywhere registration for COVID-19 vaccination. The capacity of the servers and other parameters have been ramped up to match the unprecedented scale of immunization so that the COWIN system provides citizen-centric services,” said a statement from the ministry.

However, what seems to have confused citizens is the fact that there are no vaccination appointments available for those in the age groups of 18 to 44 as of now. Vaccination appointments can only be scheduled for citizens above 45 years of age through the CoWIN portal at present. Furthermore, there is no information provided on the platform on the exact date of when the vaccinations could be available for this age group.

When Will CoWIN App Offer Appointments for Vaccine Registration Below 45 Years

While there is no definite timeline for this yet, the official Twitter handle of Aarogya Setu says that appointments will be available soon. “Slots will be opened by State Governments and Private Vaccination Centers soon,” says Aarogya Setu. Vaccination appointments for 18 plus will only be possible once the State Governments and Private Vaccination Centers schedule Vaccination sessions.

Also, the CoWIN portal now displays the following message, “Appointment for age 18 to 44 is based on slots made available by the private vaccination centres as well as the respective state government. If slots are currently unavailable it will be opened soon please check again in some time we regret the inconvenience.” Citizens are advised to get themselves registered as sources who do not wish to be named said that appointments for those in the age group of 18 to 44 are likely to begin from 1 May onwards. State Governments are already under the process of ordering vaccinations with the Government of Delhi alone having placed an order of 1.3 crore vaccines. Those who wish to register can visit the official CoWIN portal:

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