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COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Can Be Linked With Passport: Here’s How

COVID-19 vaccination certificate can be linked with the passport to enable easy travel for citizens over the days to come

COVID-19 vaccination certificate is likely to become one of the most important documents needed to travel domestically or abroad. Over the days to come, only candidates who either display a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or those who carry COVID-19 negative reports may be allowed to travel. While there is a provision for vaccination status to be displayed on the Aarogya Setu app, the Government of India has now advised citizens to link their COVID-19 vaccination certificate with their passports.

Entering passport details on the vaccine certificates will not only ensure smooth and seamless travel for travellers, but will also help authorities ease restrictions. The method to link passport and certificate is extremely simple, and the updated COVID-19 vaccination certificates can be downloaded on smartphones or any other electronic devices in a matter of seconds.

How to Link COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate with Passport

Citizens who have completed both doses of their vaccination may take the following steps to ensure that their documents are linked:

  • Beneficiaries will first have to log in to the CoWIN website using their registered mobile number.
  • There is an option called “Raise an Issue” which has to be clicked.
  • The “Add Passport Details” option will then have to be selected.
  • The beneficiary whose details have to be entered needs to be selected, and their passport details will have to be typed in.
  • Once the details are submitted, the updated certificate can then be downloaded.

The COVID-19 vaccination certificate with passport details may either be saved on smartphones or a printout of the same may be carried by travellers to ensure hassle-free travel within India or abroad.

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