H1B Visa

Countries Gear up to Welcome Indian Techies after H1B Visa Debate

Amidst the Trump’s new policies and visa rules, Canada, Australia and Japan are embarking upon the opportunities to sway Indian techies to route towards them. According to Indian origin tech leaders in Canada, the US President’s ban will soon prove to be a boon for investment and recruitment of skilled population in other countries. Best talent from India is expected to work and settle in Canada.

With various strategies to attract Indian techies and investment, the Japanese Government is in process to introduce a new law or amendment. The government will be easing the struggle to attain ‘green card’ with permanent residency status. The timeframe for eligibility will be 24 to 48 months for Indian techies, even though the ‘green card’ program is pertinent to all nationalities.

While the Trump’s H1B Visa debate seems like Murphy’s Law for US, it has already opened a window of opportunities for other countries. Japan and Canada have identified India as the priority region for IT investment and business turnover.

In lieu of this, Indian tech professionals in US have also started looking for options in other countries and to return back to India as well. From mid-level to top-level professionals, everyone is doubtful of their tenure in US and are preparing for the final rule from the Trump government. It is alleged that US does not have adequate skilled local talent and organizations to address the lack of qualified and skilled professionals if H1B visas of Indian tech professionals are rejected.

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