Coronavirus provides impetus to the growth of cloud computing

Online took the center stage during the global lockdowns and everyday activities have gone digital, which will provide further impetus to cloud computing

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The pace of cloud adoption has intensified due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is because organizations had to make arrangements--almost overnight--to enable their employees to work from home. Cloud computing has helped organizations embrace this change and prevent the economy from coming to a complete standstill.


Steady growth estimated

Whether it was an official collaboration, schooling, entertainment, shopping, or payments - everything went digital during the lockdowns. Organizations have realized the importance of cloud computing, as it has emerged as the biggest enabler for business continuity.

With work from home gaining greater acceptance, and everyday activities going digital, more and more businesses are transitioning to the cloud. This is good news for cloud providers. Markets and Markets in its report has estimated that the cloud computing market will grow from $233 billion in 2019 to $295 billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period.


Ability to scale

Most cloud service providers have the capability to scale. This is why they could meet the spike in demand during the pandemic forced global lockdowns without much disruption to the services. As such, cloud computing provides organizations with a cost-efficient means to scale their operations according to the need. For instance, when the coronavirus forced people to work from home, organizations using cloud could easily extend their network to their remote workforce.

Addresses security concerns


Cloud computing also helps organizations address one of their biggest concerns--cyber security. Cloud service providers are more equipped in tackling the evolving cyber threats than individual organizations. This helps minimize the possible downtime that an organization may face when exposed to a cyber attack.

Organizations can use distributed cloud IT systems to efficiently handle disaster recovery situations. Further, due to the limited availability of security personnel during lockdowns, monitoring data centers gets difficult. Cloud computing is enabling organizations to monitor and maintain their data centers and protect data and business application integrity.

Increased cloud adoption


The major cloud service providers--Google, Microsoft, and Amazon--have stood by their customers during the lockdowns. They have been offering deep discounts as well as offering the infrastructure on rent to corporate networks. This will make cloud services more affordable for organizations and further increase adoption of cloud services.

The article has been written by Neetu Katyal, Content and Marketing Consultant

She can be reached on LinkedIn.