Conscious Cognitics

Having worked in the areas of
networks, databases, multimedia and intelligent systems for many years, I see a
new subject emerging. While we know how to define intelligent systems, we do not
know whether such systems are cognitive. Often we say, “They are not really
intelligent,” thereby making a distinction between our ‘biological’
intelligence and that of machines.

This confusion is probably
because we don’t quite understand what cognition is.

Cognition is a property of
consciousness and not the other way round. We would be able to understand
cognition more easily if we understood consciousness first.

We could begin to understand
consciousness by mimicking it. The only kind of consciousness we know about is
in living systems. And, as far we know, living systems are self-organizing

I propose we define a word called
cognitics as follows: “Cognitics is the study and engineering of
conscious processes in self-organizing systems”.

It is the cognitic components of
future systems that may determine competitive edges in technologies of the

Sugata Mitra

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