Connected Transport Conference 2016

Prerna Sharma
New Update

The world of transportation is changing dramatically and it is directly impacting the quality of our life, our safety, and economic prosperity. The good news is that technologies in fleet management systems, connected transportation, and other applications in transportation are revolutionizing this space.


Working on the similar lines, AutoNebula along with its knowledge partner Cybermedia, is organizing a conference on ‘Connected Transport’ on January 28th & 29th, 2016, at Le Meridien, Pune. The main objective of the conference is to bring together the best of minds across the globe in the connected transport ecosystem to present, analyse, and discuss the top innovation and technology trends, emerging business issues, possible solutions, and policy & regulating challenges. This event also seeks to create a platform for start-ups in connected transport for mentoring, networking, and seed funding.

AutoNebula is India’s first business incubator dedicated to connected transport. “We are looking to create and expand a ecosystem in India that will enable surface transport

vehicles to communicate with each other.

sanjay puri

We are offering people with ideas, companies, products, and an environment to bring large change in the lives of people in India. Our immediate goal is to incubate and accelerate companies in this ecosystem and bring them to market, or if they are already existing then to make them hugely successful,” says Sanjay Puri, Founder, AutoNebula.

The conference will witness eminent speakers like Scott McCormick, President of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association; Blake Burris, Chief Hacktivist and Head of Developer Relations, Vinli; Roger Lanctot, Associate Director in Strategy Analytics; Pramod Gummaraj, Software Director, Savari Networks India; and Manoj Shinde, Founder of Reviu (Video API platform) and many more.

The attendees will also get a chance to be a part of the workshop on the Connected Vehicle Professional (CVP) Credentialing program. It is a comprehensive education and certification curriculum collaboratively launched between SAE International, Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA), and Mobile Comply.

The CVP Credentialing program helps professionals build a valuable skill set and increases professional credibility in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) community. The CVP is a vendor-neutral credentialing program that signifies that an individual has the requisite foundational understanding necessary to perform tasks involving connected vehicle and intelligent transportation best practices, in-vehicle safety, infrastructure, communication protocols, security, and more.


Ignition Lab 1.0 is a contest that seeks to provide a platform to the best start-ups, and combine the best of transport and technology. To participate in the contest, applicants have to pitch their business plans at (www.autonebula. com/application/). The pitch shall be evaluated by a renowned jury comprising of entrepreneurs, technocrats, and captains of the transport industry. The finalist will get to present their business ideas at AutoNebula’s Connected Transport conference in Pune and winners will get exciting prizes and may qualify for AutoNebula’s business incubation program.

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