Compudyne Winfosys

Another small company that has beaten the leaders again by capitalizing on a
very small base and then registering staggering growth in sales, net profit and
gross block is Compudyne WInfosys. Its revenues grew by 243% to Rs 6 crore in
the year ended March 2000. Its net profit too jumped 468% to Rs 1.93 crore. As
is evident from the numbers, the growth came on an almost negligible base. Gross
block grew by 330% to Rs 5.97 crore. Compudyne is ranked at #3 in sales growth,
#2 in profit growth and #1 in gross block growth. The Bangalore-based company is
engaged in a host of activities, including software development in the area of
the Internet, client-server technology and customized software services. Its
other services are in IT training, product development and multimedia solutions.
The company crossed the Rs 25-crore mark in fiscal 2001 and is gearing up to
scale up its business. It recently acquired VisionArt, a subsidiary of Santa
Monica Studios, for $4 million, in a bid to boost multimedia activities.

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