Company Makes AI Robot its CEO, Makes Record-Breaking Profits in Stock Market

The business claimed that by naming Tang Yu, the AI robot as CEO, it would play a crucial part in cultivating talent and productivity

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Can artificial intelligence take the position of people? Yes, it can substitute them in some circumstances. An AI robot was named the new CEO of a gaming business in Hong Kong long before ChatGPT, an AI chatbot became famous. Tang Yu, an Artificial robot, was appointed CEO of the company NetDragon Websoft. The business beat Hong Kong's stock market in addition to experiencing a significant increase in the stock market. According to the industry, the AI chatbot was chosen as a pioneer in applying AI to change corporate administration and increase operational productivity.


Tang Yu, the AI Robot CEO of the gaming firm NetDragon Websoft, was assigned the routine duties of the company, which included:

  • Examining high-level statistics.
  • Making leadership decisions.
  • Evaluating risks.
  • Nurturing an effective workplace.

Tang Yu was the first Leader of a business that operated continuously without payment. The business claimed that by naming the AI robot as CEO, it would play a crucial part in cultivating talent and guaranteeing a productive workplace for all staff members. It's interesting to note that the AI programme assisted the business in making money. The company reportedly outperformed the Hang Seng Index, which measures the performance of the largest corporations listed in Hong Kong.


The company's current market valuation

The Hustle website monitors stock market success and reports that the company's shares have grown 10% since six months ago. The company's current market valuation is roughly HK$9 billion, or $1.1 billion. This rise in value can be ascribed to various factors, including greater demand for the company's goods or services, better financial performance, or favourable news about the company.

Speaking of the AI CEO, Dejian Liu, Chairman of NetDragon, stated that the organisation thinks AI is the managerial technology of the future for businesses. They are dedicated to embracing AI to change their business practices. They have chosen Tang Yu to stand in for their dedication to this objective. The individual continues by stating that they intend to keep developing their algorithms to support Tang Yu in creating an open, participatory, and visible management model. They also mention their intentions to evolve into a metaverse-based working community, allowing them to draw in more talent from around the globe and accomplish more ambitious objectives.