Companies and Their Flagship Products

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iFlex Solutions

Flexcube: It’s a modular core banking solution from I-Flex Solutions that is
targeted at financial institutions and its business segments. International

Banking Systems (an organization based out of UK focused on banking products)

has rated it among the top back office banking systems in the world for the last

2 years. Its functions includes retail and corporate banking, treasury,

investment and even mutual fund operations. FLEXCUBE also offers multi-currency,

multilingual capability and real time limits monitoring across a customer’s

various product exposures. Customer deliver channels catered to are Internet

banking , Tellers, ATMs, Points of Sale, Phones, TV Browsers, Mobile phones and



Flexcube’s core modules are:

  • General ledger
  • Customer Information System
  • Management Information System
  • Risk Management
  • Clearing
  • Service subsystems like Interest, Charges, Commission and Fees, Brokerage

    and Tax.

Infosys Technologies

Finacle: This is an integrated, on-line enterprise banking system from Infosys
Technologies. It’s a web enabled package is a centralized solution that offers

multi-currency, multi-lingual functionalities for retail and corporate banks.


Like most core banking products Finacle core banking features include general

ledger, transaction manager, clearing, customer limit maintenance, signature

verification and inventory, standing instructions, charges and a customer

information line. Finacle is deployed across Retail and Corporate Banking as

well as Trade Finance sectors.

Other products from Infosys include:

  • BankAway: an e-commerce solution

    that allows banks to offer on-line services to all its customer segments.

  • PayAway: A Bill Presentation and

    Payment Solution.

  • BancsConnect: Essentially an

    integrator between Finacle, delivery channels and other applications.


Nucleus Software

Finness: This is an integrated suite of applications designed to support the
typical business offerings of Banks and Financial Services companies. It

provides solutions for both the asset side and liability sides of the business,

core financial accounting and customer services.

The suite is built on an Oracle platform and supports multi-branch,

multi-currency, multi-products and multilingual implementations. It offers both

client/server and web based architecture and can operate independently or as an

integrated system.

The Finness suite of products encompass:

  • Lending/Leasing (Auto Loans, Housing Loans, Consumer Loans and CV

  • Liquid Deposits
  • Collections
  • Finance Against Securities
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Post Dated Check Management
  • Central Bank Reporting

Tata Infotech

Sign Bank: Tata Infotech’s oldest product with a 10-year-old history

behind it. It is essentially a full-fledged signature verification system. Sign

Bank has about 170 user organizations around the world and is currently

undergoing rejuvenation. The thrust of the new effort includes componentizing

it. The company makes about 0.5 million dollars from this company annually.

Customer View: A CRM middleware from the Tata Infotech stable. It is also

called an operational data store and is the company’s newest product. Its

largest installation is at Rabo bank and represents 10 million dollars in

product license and services revenue. The product can handle 10 million hits per

day with 26000 users and runs on a 14-processor machine. Ubitel: It’s a

business intelligence product for the Telecom industry and was jointly developed

by Tata Infotech and Unisys. The two companies together worked out the KPIs

Telcos need to achieve and Ubitel helps them manage and deliver on them. It is

currently being used by the largest telco in Latin America.


Other products on the roll-out line include:

  • TaxMantra that incorporates all

    taxation laws of all states in the US and is targeted at the public sector

    vertical in the US. The product is likely to be marketed through a network

    of consulting companies specializing in tax practice.

  • Exegenix is a TIL products

    subsidiary company based in Canada. Currently the company is developing an

    SML tool that converts all types of content into XML format.


It’s the middleware solution from Nucleus that integrates with core

banking and was developed for a multinational bank in India. Other products

launched to integrate with this middleware solution are:

  • Short Message Service  n Web Banking  
  • ReQuest  n ATM Sharing  n Phone

  • Security Management Shell.

Eastern Software Systems

Ebizframe: It’s the web enabled ERP from Eastern Software Systems. The company
has implemented it across industry verticals like food processing, jewelry,

chemicals, automobiles and manufacturing. Customers include Mother India, Nippo

Batteries, Avon Cycles, Essar Oil, HFCL, Blue Star, Oyzterbay, Lacoste and

Weekender. The product was first launched in 1998 and was specifically targeted

at the SME sector. Recently, ESS also launched what it says is Asia’s first

WAB enabled enterprise solution Cellbiz.

Vedaris Technology

Contago: It’s an integrated trading and risk management system for energy
derivatives, including natural gas and power. It takes deals from initial

pricing and capture through to back office administration and settlement. The

system provides essential trading risk and portfolio management information and

allows for multi-currency, multi-commodity and multi-location trading.