Communication, connectivity, and networking technologies that will transform businesses in 2024

Communication, connectivity, and networking technologies that will transform businesses in 2024 as per DE-CIX India

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The way business is conducted is undergoing a revolution due to digital technology. We are on the verge of entering a new era in global economics. Businesses, regardless of size or history, are redefining their activities and industries based on the digitalization of their operations or processes.


By utilizing their digital capabilities, organizations are reshaping their business models and the manner in which business is conducted within entire industries, such as automotive and mobility, healthcare, finance, and media. Let us gain an understanding of how technologies related to communication, connectivity, and networking will revolutionize businesses in the year 2024.

As organizations transition to digital operations, they require a new set of communication, connectivity, and networking technologies that are interconnected and tailored to meet their specific requirements. New and revolutionary technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks, are accelerating the pace of change in markets worldwide. These disruptive elements will serve as a "digital interconnection triangle" of future innovation, creating even more interconnection needs at the edge of the network.

Heart, hand, and brain of future transformation in business

It is necessary to have a new approach to the management of communication, connectivity, and networking technologies to achieve interconnection at the edge. Additionally, there must be a new method of interconnecting players within an ecosystem.


To put it another way, edge interconnection is influenced by the following key factors, which can be thought of as the heart, the hand, and the brain of future innovation:

5G (the heart)

Fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) allows for the management of a large number of distinct frequencies and the transmission of multiple data streams. 5G establishes a foundation for the future development of the Internet of Things, designed primarily for storing data from an enormous number of sensors.

IoT (the hand)

In the digital interconnection triangle, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents function. It will be possible to connect an enormous number of devices within a physically constrained space in an environment enabled with 5G. This will pave the way for the digitalization of an increasing number of processes that are inherently mechanical at the moment.


However, without the assistance of artificial intelligence, it will be impossible to manage the vast quantity of sensors and data streams that the Internet of Things will generate in the years to come.

AI (the brain)

Artificial intelligence is an essential component for creating logic management and maintenance of data streams for innovative use cases and the respective ecosystem involved in the specific environment. It is the only method that allows for the efficient management of the interconnection of millions of sensors that are part of the Internet of Things. This problem can be solved by utilizing software-defined edge interconnection that is intelligently managed.

Each one of these elements is dependent on the other two, and they can only propel the progression of digital technology when interconnected. There is greater value in the whole than in the sum of its parts.


Edge interconnection – the next-generation interconnection

Interconnection platforms such as DE-CIX are currently working on developing a solution that takes into consideration this triangle. The Software-defined Interconnection Platform is one of the solutions that can not only fulfill these requirements in a timely and effective manner. It can also facilitate the rapid and cost-effective expansion of the interconnection industry, while reducing its reliance on proprietary hardware. Additionally, SD will bring about an increase in dynamism and encourage an increase in productivity.

IoT is the edge, artificial intelligence is in the edge, and 5G serves the edge! The ability to operate and manage the Communication, Connectivity, and Networking Technologies that will transform businesses in the future is the solution to the upcoming digitalization challenge. The software-defined interconnection platform is the solution to this challenge.

-- Sudhir Kunder, Chief Business Officer, DE-CIX India.

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