Girish Kulkarni

Combinational Power of Deep Tech is Re-defining Healthcare: Girish Kulkarni, Chairman, CHIME, India Chapter

Girish Kulkarni, Chairman, CHIME, India Chapter spoke at the Dataquest Virtual roundtable about five new-age technologies that are re-defining the healthcare sector

Unlike the times of yore, the healthcare sector is no longer uninfluenced from technology. New-age technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, data analytics, IoT and blockchain to name a few are witnessing increased usage, and may soon become irreplaceable. Girish Kulkarni, Chairman, CHIME, India Chapter says that there are five areas that are impacting healthcare delivery and services, and which have seen rapid adoption in the COVID-19 era.

“The kind technology adoption which has gone into the healthcare delivery over the past three to five months has been humongous, a pace that has not been seen in the last 20 years. There are five areas that are impacting healthcare delivery and services,” said Kulkarni while highlighting how the following five technologies are impacting the healthcare sector:

  • Artificial intelligence has several use cases.
  • Blockchain is making a mark in supply chain automation.
  • Quantum computing is being used to turn zeta bytes of data into meaningful insights. The technology helps look into genomics and gene therapy, which requires a large amount of quantum computing and algorithms.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are now gradually being accepted in the healthcare industry. Machine learning and natural language processing are becoming the brick and mortar of the healthcare system. Systems and platforms that can read normal reports and generate an output, which is used at the point of care all decision-making will be required.

“It is the combinational power of deep tech that is re-defining healthcare today: The combined use of IoT, Analytics, AI, ML, and NLP to make meaningful use of it is what is important. The belief on these systems, which was otherwise less than twenty percent six months ago, is over 99 percent at present. That’s the power of deep tech and technology adoption, which healthcare providers have realized in India in the last couple of months under the new normal,” stated Kulkarni.

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