Digital transformation

Collaborative commerce is a step toward digital transformation

GOFRUGAL introduced range of digital transformation products for MSMEs- ‘Easy suite’ of products which include RetailEasy, ServeEasy, and ManageEasy for Retail, Restaurant and Distribution businesses respectively.

Digital transformation in the current business models is processing, and the MSMEs are scaling up with this rapid change. GOFRUGAL is a company working for these enterprises and claims their single-minded focus was to enable traditional retail, restaurant and distribution businesses to build a ‘Smart Platform’ that could make ‘Collaborative Commerce’ a reality.

GoFrugal focuses on empowering neighbourhood small stores and restaurants to collaborate with the ecosystem to focus on market expansion and large customer acquisition.

Digital transformation

Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO of Retailers Association of India and Kumar Vembu, CEO, GOFRUGAL

Kumar Vembu, CEO, GOFRUGAL, said that businesses are based completely upon the customer experience. Businesses are moving toward experiential from transactional.
The Easy Suite will bring frictionless experience for the customer and retailer. The tool serves customers on multiple channels, whether it is online or offline.

He added: “The owners of physical-only stores realize that they will be obsolete in the current digital era. They are all eager to serve their customers in the channels of their choice ( Omnichannel ) and to make it happen, they are looking for the right technology partner. To win in the highly competitive market, the MSMEs need a solution that will help them run their business with the least skills, minimum staff, 100% accuracy and reliability. With online-to-offline (O2O) collaborative business model retail, restaurant and distribution businesses can increase their customer acquisition by 15-20%”.

Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO of Retailers Association of India, launched the company’s experiential digital store using AI and ML for the traditional retail industry.

“The traditional retail market, to co-exist with the modern trade, are undergoing an identity shift to look modern and vibrant. However, technology has never been affordable or user-friendly for them to adopt. I believe technology players like GoFrugal with their differentiated easy to use product suite can help millions of small merchants across India to strengthen and grow their business. I hope, we can see more Indian traders collaborating with the Amazons of India and expand their business operations”.

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