COAI and Huawei team up to foster FMC 2.0

Huawei India, has partnered with COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) to support the  advancement and versatility of broadband services in India. Through this partnership, Huawei organized the FMC 2.0 summit on the theme –  ‘FMC 2.0– Winning the Future’. The summit witnessed an attendance of over 220 decision makers across ICT & Media industries.  Convergence of Fixed Broadband, Mobile Broadband and Content will create the right synergies to provide a truly digital experience to the masses.

‘The summit deliberated on global trends on how (FMC) as a concept has gained momentum in other regions and the importance of national broadband networks. In a connected world all the key technology, applications and bandwidth developments need to be interconnected to meet the underlying needs of individuals. Notable Government representatives and business leaders from across leading service providers shared their perspective at the event as well.

Rajan S. Mathews, Director General, COAI said, “Service providers-both telecom and media players- are increasingly realizing the significance of content and bundling content with delivery infrastructure to offer bundled triple play or quad play offerings. We appreciate Huawei’s vision to support a concept like FMC 2.0 urging all stakeholders in shaping a digital future”.

Chandan Kumar, head of marketing and solutions, Huawei India said “We at Huawei are committed to India’s inclusive growth and are working towards connecting societies at large. The telecom industry has entered the ultra-broadband age and only single connection is not enough for carriers to achieve commercial success because it misses what consumers really want. Emerging technologies like FMC 2.0 will fast become the norm in carrier business transformation and Fixed Broadband enablement key to making Digital India a success”.

The telecoms industry has entered the ultra-broadband age, which marks the transition from the connection-oriented FMC 1.0 stage to the FMC 2.0 stage, characterized by application, cloud and experience. FMC 1.0 alone is not enough for carriers to achieve commercial success because it misses what consumers really want – a high-quality experience. Content has a direct impact on user experience and is a key factor that determines the long-term competitiveness. To fill this gap, Huawei’s FMC 2.0, which stands for fixed broadband, mobile broadband, and content, puts content at the center.


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