Cloud on Steroids: Time for a quantum leap

Businesses large and small as well as new age start-ups need to now take a look at the future of cloud telephony in India

You may be a start-up, or established SMBs, or a multi-million-dollar MNC! If anything can bring a new turn in your business, irrespective of its size and segments, that is cloud telephony.

In the past few years, there has been a huge adaptation and growth in cloud telephony across India. The most significant reasons companies are using the system are due to its mobility and scalability. Businesses want a futuristic communication platform which is fully compatible with their present infrastructure and at a cost-saving rate. Today, the technology industry at large is constantly shifting with the rise of new platforms of communications. The rapid rise of WhatsApp, social media, and IoT is changing drastically the way consumers communicate and businesses have started to take notice of this trend.

Here are some potential upgrades that cloud telephony products must incorporate. Businesses, be it a start-up, SMBs or MNC will not compromise with their ambition. If the situation limits, they will increase their speed at a 100X rate towards what they want. This is the formula. So, the most prominent features every cloud telephony company must embrace are:

  • Voice Analytics
  • M2M communication
  • Digital Platform support

Voice Analytics

Highlighting the latest advancement in AI, blockchain-enabled communications, and collaboration solutions, the cloud telephony provider centre must serve as a testbed for the partners and customers, who are looking to develop world-class solutions to address the most pressing business needs and challenges.

Key Takeaways


71% of respondents like to use voice analytics or biometrics as a means to secure authentication.


It is not just secure authentication; customers want to know the sound truth about themselves with their fingerprints built on a platform of Trust.

M2M communication: Time to power the enterprise digitalization

5G is a catalyst for growth; decision-makers need to provide the right environment for industries for liberating the next level of growth. Today, the IoT landscape is changing in the blink of an eye.

Key Takeaways


The real value of IoT cannot arise from all the connections, but it rises from the data it generates. The IoT becomes the live communication network to foster business insights and improvement.


Cloud telephony products easily tap into the segment to supply the automation through missed calls, phone calls, and SMS.

Digital Platform Support

While it is the age of social media and online ADS that have already started to show the future of advertising at a large.

Key Takeaways


Digital marketing is booming at every parallel pace of cloud telephony, and it turns into the exclusive partner.


The one-click integration with digital platforms will allow firms to boost their lead and revenues from online platforms with a click-to-call feature that might create a distinct echo for business.

Though it will take years to unleash its full potential; yet India should embrace the cloud and new data storehouse. Yet before choosing the digital index for business graph, check out cloud’s functionality over features to address real-life challenges in the future! Let the Sun never set on your business.

By Debasmita Chatterjee

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