How Cloud is helping companies stay efficient amidst COVID 19

COVID-19’s economic impact has been as dire as its health consequences, if not more. Amidst this unprecedented economic crash, the IT sector has been relatively unscathed and running on its rails, thanks to familiarity with living on the cloud.

All those who are maintaining a semblance of normalcy by working from home, could simply not have been able to do this without the cloud. Imagine not being able to get in touch with your co-workers, not being able to access company data, not knowing what your customer’s latest query is, or not being able to see your project’s progress after stepping out of office. With cloud infrastructure, one can access their office from anywhere, abiding by social distancing norms and maintain productivity.

Primary work tools like business email, specific task programs, apps and company-specific knowledge-center can be accessed remotely. One can also virtually communicate and collaborate with other team members and managers can keep track of their teams. Business-critical departments with specialized workflows and processes, like customer service, IT, HR or Sales have customized virtual workspaces to aid them in task completion and delivery. Cloud is also enabling innovations in high-impact sectors like healthcare, education and events by allowing for alternative business continuity through telemedicine, e-learning and virtual events.

Working from home can take some getting used to, but once past the initial hurdles of unfamiliarity, professionals find that pre-built features like Artificial Intelligence and automation on the cloud can help reduce manual workload, minimize errors and improve efficiencies. Over an extended period of time, this will lead to big leaps in productivity, efficiency and cost-savings.

The coronavirus pandemic has proved cloud’s usefulness to skeptics like never before! Demand for the cloud has surged since the virus outbreak. Besides, helping companies stay efficient during these trying times, the cloud is doing a lot more to fight COVID-19 right from advancing research on cures to tracking and containing the spread. The cloud is indeed here to stay and help humanity scale new heights.

By Satyajit Jena, is Co-Founder and Associate Partner, Acuver Consulting

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