‘Cloud is generating a lot of demand in the e-commerce space’

How would you say that Oracle’s Fusion is key differentiator in your cloud portfolio?

Fusion basically is the next generation of Oracle applications. In the past 5-6 years, Oracle has acquired over 40 companies, only applications companies, and as we acquired them, they were integrated into the Oracle application portfolio within the existing solutions.

But with Fusion, we are trying to make the most of the functionalities of all the products. Feedback has been taken from a large number of customers in developing these applications. We have worked with more than 1,000 customers to understand the business process requirements and to bring in or develop those business processes into Fusion.

We have also looked at the user experience part of Fusion and done tremendous amount of improvement in the Fusion applications’ user experience.

What is the current scenario in terms of cloud apps adoption in the Indian market?

In the last few years, the demand for cloud applications and the interest in cloud apps in India has been growing rapidly. Today, we have around 25,000 users using Oracle cloud applications in India. We have customers like who build power storage solutions. They were growing very rapidly and felt the need to deploy HR solutions to help themselves in recording employee information, recruiting employees faster and in an efficient manner. That was the reason they adopted cloud solutions for HR.

In fact, if you look globally, our revenue is more than $1 bn from cloud apps. Globally, we have around 400 customers implementing cloud solutions, over 100 customers who are already live and at least 1 customer going live every day as we speak. That is the extent of demand globally.

India, as mentioned earlier, has around 25,000 users, including WNS, Standard Chartered Bank, and Siemens, who are already accessing our cloud services. These are pretty large companies. Meanwhile, there is a huge amount of growth in the e-commerce space. Companies like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip.com are growing very rapidly, all using our cloud solutions.

Why are the clients in the e-commerce space going for your products? What’s triggering this growth?

From an e-commerce perspective, there is a lot of demand. For instance, if we want to purchase a movie ticket online, we will not only go to a portal. But many times we look for the product online, order it there and then go to a store and purchase it from there. This is called multi-channel.

There is a great amount of growth or interest which is being generated in multi-channel retailing and e-commerce. This is taking place in India as well. We all build our holiday plans using MakeMyTrip.com. Because of the rate of growth which these companies are seeing, they need the latest technology solutions immediately. Cloud solutions are one such mechanism that enables faster deployment of new technology. Hence, a lot of adoption is happening in the cloud space by these companies.

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