Cloud Communication: A Boon for the Ecommerce Industry

Cloud communication, a highly secure and readily available platform, is evolving to become robust over the past few years, making it extremely stable, quick

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The ecommerce industry is booming with the Indian consumers becoming increasingly tech savvy and making most of their purchases online. And since online marketing is the new reality, it has become vitally important for players to find solutions like cloud communication to fix issues that the online space tends to give rise to. In an exclusive interview with DataQuest, Mr Rajdipkumar Gupta, Managing Director and Group CEO, Route Mobile Limited, talks about how cloud communication is helping the ecommerce industry, communication challenges faced by a company, and so on. Excerpts


Q. How are cloud communication services helping ecommerce?

Ans. A prime contributor to a new wave of ecommerce, Cloud Communication is widely considered to be in the third phase of the modern computing era. As we progress from physical storage to ‘invisible’ cloud storage, it portends a good outcome for ecommerce which has long battled for creative solutions. Ecommerce majorly faces challenges such as sporadic demand, exhaustive numbers, data security, and complicated logistics. As the market place is finding consumers online, so do the players need to find solutions to address the challenges associated along the way in the online space itself. Cloud communication has been engineered to fix all these issues by providing a scalable architecture that every ecommerce business needs keeping in mind the exponential growth that is yet to come.

According to a recent report by Gartner, the cloud computing market was valued at $145.3 billion and expected to grow by 21% by the end of this year. Here lies a complex world of cloud computing behind the aesthetically pleasing graphical interface and the API of your favourite application. This enables an organization to upscale or downscale the services based on the demand, traffic, and seasonal spikes. It is now possible for ecommerce companies to meet their goals and customize customer experience with the help of Cloud Computing. Cloud Communication is not only the answer to cater the altering demands but also for reshaping the existing market scenario.


Mr. Rajdip Gupta Rajdip Gupta

Q. According to you what are the communication challenges a company faces and how does cloud communication services help them?

Ans. Communication being a huge domain in itself, a company faces varied problems ranging from communication overload to confusion in the work assigned to different employees. Apart from the internal challenges, the more crucial point to address is the expectation from the consumer. The contemporary consumer expects a quick response time from the brand with the most up to date information on a variety of queries. And while any brand’s prime service is to the customer itself, negating these with its own internal challenges then becomes an issue.


We can therefore see that several cloud communication companies have joined their hands with multiple ecommerce brands thereby bringing in innovative techniques that would help them achieve their business objectives while uplifting the end-user experience. Armed with a team of seasoned experts on board, employing a Cloud-based platform often comes with an array of benefits including secure data access, authorization across the network, and built-in redundancy. These features help the company phenomenally in safeguarding the data loss, timely back-ups, and accessibility, all of which comes with complete security.

Q. What are some of the communication and application products available under cloud that an enterprise can utilize?

Ans. A centre for all enterprise-related applications and communication, Cloud communication proffers diverse range of customizable products for a company to use. It’s not merely a retainer-based model, but rather an integrated partnership aiming for excellence and growth of a brand. Using these services, an enterprise can do a real-time communication like Interactive Voice Response, Text Messaging, Call-tracking software, Call forwarding, Tracking, Call Centre and Voice Broadcasting services. It also offers a variety of services for non-real-time communication which includes Intra and Inter-branch communication, Inter-departmental memos, Office communicational hub, Data Security, Email services, Backup, and Data Recovery. Cloud communication, a highly secure and readily available platform, is evolving to become robust over the past few years, making it extremely stable, quick, and hence more secure.


Q. What are the benefits of Bandwidth’s Cloud Communications platform?

Ans. Bandwidth Cloud Communications platform provides a high quality service and network that grows with you regardless of the size of an enterprise. It offers flexibility and is able to meet the changing demands of growing businesses instantly without having to make expensive structural changes to the existing IT infrastructure. Another noteworthy benefit provided by them is that there is no middleman which helps you in becoming independent and thereby saves substantial cost.

Q. Bringing Business communications and applications together in cloud is a win for an organization. Can you please elaborate the statement?


Ans. I think, Cloud is not only a flexible and reliable platform for business application but also for business communication. Bringing the two together by integrating real-time communication like Voice, Short Message Service (SMS) text, and Video Conferencing along with non-real-time communication like e-mail makes it greatly efficient. In either case, it is immensely beneficial for an organisation. Also, being flexible, all the products and communication can be altered based on individual requirements, thus enabling a profitable situation for an organization.

Another benefit is being able to help your employees with everything they need on a single platform thereby focusing on other more important tasks at hand. It will also help bring overall savings to the company through reduction of complex processes and meeting management requirements. Brands are created stronger through the people that work for them and cloud computing therefore proves to be a win-win for both.

Q. Any other information that you would like to share.

Ans. Cloud Communication companies are coming up with innovative techniques to help achieve businesses their objective by collaborating with several ecommerce brands. In our experience, scalability, speed, data mobility, cost, stability, reliability, redundant proofing, and future-readiness are some of the most integral contributors in helping the industry grow.

Route Mobile has been offering a range of cloud-communication services in messaging, email, voice and firewall to clients across diverse sectors including banking and financial services, aviation, retail, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals and telecom globally. We are therefore able to be on top of customer demand cycles by understanding their requirement in-depth and tap revenue growth for them.

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