Clipwiser Technologies launches Clip Wiser, a social e-commerce app

Clipwiser Technologies launches Clip Wiser, a social e-commerce app that takes experiences of online shopping and social networking to a different level and redefines their meaning.

For starters, the app connects us with several e-commerce websites along with our friends, family, relatives and social groups. Now this unique platform allows us to make better decisions while buying online as the app lets us to consult people in our social circle who further give their recommendations and suggestions.

“Clipwiser is in fact the first true Consumer to Consumer (c2c) shopping platform at the intersection of social networking and e-commerce. It isn’t Facebook, Pintrest, Linkedin, Flipkart or Amazon – it is everything. The app creates a different kind of marketplace and capitalises on one of the most potent means of selling: word of mouth,” said Dheeraj Parashar, founder of Clip Wiser.

The application uses C2C (consumer to consumer) recommendation based sales strategy in contrast to what other brands and retailers use – B2C (Business to consumer) messaging paradigm – on social media platform.

To tap into the true power of social media, companies need to get their customers do the marketing for them. People trust the opinion of a friend more than any business messaging. Every consumer is now a potential marketer.

“Currently the approach how brands and retailers use social media is not upto to the mark. They follow the BtoC (business to consumer) messaging paradigm. But social is not about BtoC but CtoC (consumer to consumer). So launching Clipwiser we can fill the void as it provides a social commerce set up. Clipwiser sets out to completely change this pattern,” Dheeraj added.

The one-of-its-kind mobile application is now available on Android and soon will be available at IOS application stores.

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