Classified sites breaking geographical barriers to business

Authored by:-  Mr Rupesh Kumar, Country Manager

Technology has provided many amenities for business, trade and commerce being leveraged in various ways. Business landscape of the century is offered adroit facets that have brought eminent progress in hand. The advent of web technology has made business transactions quite easier. The market of classifieds have been fervent from past, but the recent trend of online web based classified sites have impacted the business arena with sheer traits of productivity. Web sphere has incurred massive changes in sharing of business information and access. Its development has enabled easy and fast access to information. Business transactions are now faster than ever and vendors have larger markets. The same applies for consumers, as the market grew; service providers and sellers are now available more conveniently.

Online-classified sites have facilitated long distance business transactions. Online access to information has made it easier for consumers to find their products and for vendors, to offer the same. The connections between retailers and wholesalers and between manufacturers and distributor have grown transparent and readily achievable. Formerly, business had to be done through connections, which consist of other businesspersons in the same domain. The market comprised of highly fragmented and unconnected segments. Such unconnected fragments in the systems were high barriers to trade expansion. Online-classified sites now provide the steady platform for business to connect and collaborate. These sites have offered a common stage for the fragmented business entities in the production-consumption chain. Right from dealers of raw materials that feed manufacturers, the wholesalers channeling products from distributors and so on, all are now on a common platform for fast and transparent business deals. This have facilitated in quick delivery of services.

The breaking of geographical barriers to business is one of the most pervasive contributions of online business directories in present times. As information is crucial for any business, it is the basis of trade and commerce. In earlier times, businesses were clustered around a fixed place. Since many business sectors are product oriented, they had to be closer to the location where the related products were readily available. This created a rigid structure of business that required a channeled communication. Such systems were hurdles for emergence of new businesses related to products, which were not localized. Localization of business had been a primary barrier to expansion. While products were abundant in some places and in others scares, lack of information on demand and production lead to wastage at one end and scarcity at the other. Classified sites enabled communication and exchange of information among entities in severed locations and helped to conduct extensive business. This has helped to form a coordinated economy between different geographical locations parted by physical diversities.

The connection of business communities located in several locations has enabled formation of an integrated platform for trade and commerce. Collaboration between ventures in different cities has created new business traits in the market. This has boosted the economy largely bringing in a developed paradigm for trade. The contribution of online-classified sites is substantial to this expansion. These sites are offering the platform of coordination of business in rural and urban areas. As internet is accessible throughout rural and urban landscapes, enterprises in both these areas can coordinate through classified sites. From users perspective, online sites are easy and convenient to use. They can be accessed with complete functionality through mobile devices. The requirement is only for an average speed internet, which is readily available throughout rural locales of the country. Persons with limited know how could use these sites and upload information to highlight their products. Therefore, classified sites offer a comprehensive platform to rural folks and individual producers to proffer their business to a massive customer base. This in turn, provides enterprises in cities a good opportunity to pool out resources from rural areas easily.

Classified sites provide a comprehensive platform to locate resources and local businesses. They offer a unique advantage to search products specific to local regions. For instance, cocoon is a very expensive and important product. It is the raw material for textile industry. Cocoon is available only in specific places, where it occurs naturally or where it is cultivated under favorable climatic condition. To find this product, textile manufactures had to search extensively via limited “Human” channels or in directories of sericulture department. Further, the information lacked credibility many a times. Now, with the advent of online-classified sites, cocoon producers can be located easily and connected within no time, thus, facilitating easy business through diverse industry verticals.

Business dynamics have been rendered a rare drive by the advent of classified sites. The breaking of geographical barriers is an aspect out of many advantages, which they offered. It has enabled small business to gather large audience throughout diverse locations and establish their businesses. Using classified sites, the requirement of large capital to establish a physical infrastructure can be bypassed. This enables business to invest more on their products and improvise their services. The online-classified market sector is still undergoing development and more amenities are at hand. Since, classified sites itself have grown to be massive sector, service providers are offering compelling features to leverage businesses online, bring in good possibilities for business providers.



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