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Cisco leveraging technology to enable future of work: Anand Bhaskar


Here are some remarks from Anand Bhaskar, MD, Service Provider Business, Cisco India and SAARC, regarding the ‘Future of Work’.


“As the world battles this current crisis, tectonic shifts are being observed in the way we work, live and connect. With our commitment to health and hygiene reinforced by the pandemic, a “low-touch” economy is emerging, characterized by rising virtual social interactions, home deliveries, and of course, remote working, all powered by a singular force – technology.

“The workplace, in particular, is becoming increasingly digital, as organizations experience firsthand the benefits of working from home that go beyond the obvious advantage of reduced costs. In the long run, remote work will allow companies to create a more diverse and dispersed workforce, leverage the growing gig economy, and bring more women into the workforce. It will also lead to balanced economic growth, and contribute to environmental sustainability. But change isn’t always easy. Here, leaders must set an example of empathy for others to follow, and take bold decisions to lead their organizations into the digital future.

“In an effort to help organizations make the switch to remote working quickly, at Cisco, we have enabled free cloud-based services and offerings across our collaboration and security portfolios. Additionally, to support small businesses through this challenging time, we have expanded our Cisco Designed portfolio, bringing together the power of machine learning, AI, and the cloud to address their networking, security, collaboration, and internet connectivity needs.

“Further, to help our service providers manage the tremendous load on their networks as millions work from home, Cisco has also extended free access to our key technologies across network capacity expansion, congestion management, orchestration, and automation.”

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