Cisco HyperFlex

How Cisco HyperFlex Enabled Business Transformation at Spark Minda

Spark Minda chose Cisco HyperFlex solution after conducting a very comprehensive product evaluation procedure and evaluating most hyperconverged systems available in the market

Spark Minda has been one of the major players in India’s automobile industry from the past five decades. The Group is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components with a turnover of USD 550 Million, and more than 16,000 employees and 36 branches both in India and abroad. However, as an organization, Spark Minda is always challenged to build superior products faster than  its competition and requires IT to support business with the same speed, agility and best-in-class solutions. To enable this, Cisco HyperFlex solution was chosen.

Evaluation Yardstick

Spark Minda conducted a very comprehensive product evaluation procedure and evaluated most hyperconverged systems available in the market. Its evaluation criteria was as follows:

  • Ease of management
  • Integration with vCenter
  • Robust network well integrated with server infrastructure
  • World-class post sales support
  • Best cost-benefit solution

Business Challenge

The organization was building a new state-of-art R&D facility in Chakan, Pune, India. The new facility had very lean IT, and therefore the CIO wanted the IT setup to be “easy to deploy and easier to maintain”. One in which all IT operations like virtualization, server and storage management could be done remotely.

Benefits of Implementation

Seamless Deployment: As a manufacturing company, Spark Minda is always challenged with IT Manpower. Cisco HyperFlex solution got deployed seamlessly and within a few days.

Operational Simplicity: With a single console the Spark Minda team manages DC networking, servers, storage and virtualization with ease. Implementing a hyperconverged solution has helped them manage their data centre operations with limited technical resources and improve the productivity of the IT staff.

Scalable Solution: Cisco HyperFlex is a scalable solution and the customer looks forward to the next upgrade as the solution reduced downtime significantly, post implementation.

Single Point of Support: With HyperFlex there is a single TAC window for networking/server/storage and VMware support.

End-to-End Solution: Cisco HyperFlex is an end -to-end solution that delivers a new generation of more flexible, scalable, enterprise-class hyperconverged infrastructure.

Suresh D, CEO, Spark Minda Technical Centre said, “Cisco HyperFlex is scalable with lot of optimization built in and also extremely easy to deploy. Our ERP response time has improved by 50% post deployment and we have been able to reclaim almost 80% of our capacity”.

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