CIOs Need To Cultivate A Digitalist Mindset

—Anis Pankhania GM – IT Delivery & Process Excellence,Vodafone India
SnipAnis Pankhania

As digitalization and innovation take center stage and Digital business has created a greater ability for change. The Digital Revolution affects both organizations and individuals. CIOs need to adapt to changing technology with a more open attitude towards differentiating themselves by delivering a differentiated internal and external customer experience through a “Digital First” approach. The CEOs are under tremendous pressure to move towards digital and get their transformation projects right, failures to do so can lead to customer dis-satisfaction, business losses and competition will take the advantage.

CIOs have to understand the functions they support to rapidly put up not only applications and infrastructure but also to upgrade their infrastructure and move towards Digital. They need to transform business processes in the manner that digital  ransformation  demands and organizations first need to gain complete end-to-end visibility into them, the systems that support them to grow and the people to have a new set of skills to deal with the Digital Transformation Journey.

In the journey to IT modernization and this rapid pace of change means organizations have a fast narrowing window of opportunity to prepare for the future. CIO needs to enable new business models and/or striving for superior process efficiency while controlling costs and has to become more deeply involved in a technology and must innovate faster than ever before to succeed in this fast paced and disruptive environment.

The new wave of technology, such as AI, AR, IoT, Blockchains, Cloud and Business Intelligence looming large as the major   t technologies to embrace and exploit, it’s critical for IT professionals to identify and act on. CIO need to cultivate a Digitalist mindset – one that assimilates technology into the current social and business context, to continuously deliver new-age problem solving ideas.

CIO must strive to deliver consistently, a great experience to their customers with this it will help them to continue winning market share and accelerate progress.

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