CIOs and IT managers need to be ready for anything in future: Commvault

Commvault recently organized the Future Ready conference. Miranda Foster, VP, WW Communications, and Chris Powell, Chief Marketing Officer, Commvault, welcomed the audience.

Delivering the keynote, Sanjay Mirchandani, President and CEO, Commvault, said, CIOs and IT managers need to be ready for anything in the future. Commvault is in the data business. There has never been a more perilous time for those of you managing data. There has been a data journey going on for a while. We are always moving from something to something else. This results in more infrastructure, more apps, and more complexity. And, they all should have to be managed.

Cloud-ready and -enabled
This intensifies with the non-stop security challenges and the rapid change that we have all experienced over the past few months. My first presentation, back in 2008, as a CIO, was: The journey to the private cloud. A lot has changed since then. Many of the underlying challenges are still there. First, the cloud is in the question. It is a given. Everything needs to be cloud-enabled, cloud-ready, etc. The time is to end the journey and start using the cloud.

Next, it has always been about the people and the skills that they bring. Enterprises also need to reduce complexity and simplify everything that you do. They should be able to easily manage and leverage the skills that they have. Tools and technologies also need to be no-touch now. You should be able to consolidate and work, as promised.

We want to be tomorrow’s headlines, but only for the right reasons. We are focused on a digital strategy, and also eliminating risk. This is the time for the tried-and-tested. Finally, data is at the heart of all digital transformation. That needs to be intelligently managed. We are here to help the IT professionals truly become future ready. There must be unmatched data awareness, agility and automation across the organization.

He said: “Throughout my career, the basis of success has been built on three fundamentals. These are: embracing the best engineered technology. Next, enabling the best IT professionals. Three, leveraging the best partner ecosystem. All three must come together. We believe that product, people and partnership can truly solve problems. At Commvault, we try and solve the hard data problems. We have the technical leadership to do that. We try and deliver all of these three fundamentals with no compromises. Over the past 18 months, we have been focused on doing just that!”

Commvault announced a simplified, powerful portfolio of products that brings new thinking to the world of data and cloud. Cloud has completely changed the landscape. With simplicity as the guiding principle, the announcement truly changes the game.

Today, Commvault is announcing the next-generation of the Hyperscale X technology. The Commvault Hyperscale X delivers simple, flexible data management for all workloads. It is the solution to simplify and accelerate the hybrid cloud adoption. Next, we have a backup and recovery solution. The Commvault Backup and Recovery suite has a brand new Disaster Recovery product. Of course, you can also get them standalone, if you like. Or, you can also get them as the Commvault Complete Data Protection plan. All of these products can be operated and managed together. I believe that it is the best user interface in the market.

He said: “We are keen to help organizations to look at where they are and where they want to go. We provide help to the customers to develop and run modern apps in any Kubernetes environment. All, with the ability to seamlessly migrate used data. Containers and Kubernetes environment are the new frontiers for DevOps. We have taken the Ops out of DevOps.”

It is also about how the products are packaged. It depends on the customers’ flexibility and how they consume. Ask us about cloud-like subscription pricing for Commvault software. Behind every digital and IT transformation are the unsung heroes.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft said that they have seen two years worth of digital transformation in two months. We are looking to make everyone’s lives easier. IT professionals want built-in solutions that work as promised. Today, we have delivered solutions that anticipate and simplify the complexity. We have solutions with intelligent data management technology that is built-in. Best practices have been built-in.

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