CIO Predictions for 2013

Indian IT Moving up the Value Chain

Indian IT has played a key role in putting the country on the global economic map. The question facing the industry today is how to move away from linearity in terms of growth to a more non-linear model which thrives on improving productivity, and institutionalizing their innovation.

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“Notwithstanding consumerization of IT, CIOs’ accountability will morph from ‘IT value to business’ to delivering traditional ‘business value’ of revenue enhancement and cost optimization.” -Rajeev Batra CIO, MTS India


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“I think that the IT companies will move up the value chain. We’ll see a big shift from services to products. We’ll also see products increasingly being designed for global customers as opposed to Indian customers.” Arun Gupta CIO, Cipla

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“Indian IT would probably have moved up the value chain from the bottom of the pyramid of IT services. Indian CIOs would be the benchmark for how CIOs should conduct themselves and their business contribution.”

-Amitabh Mishra VP engineering,



Changing Role

The role of the CIO is most affected with this ever changing IT landscape. In the years to come, the IT leader will still be the nucleus of any organization, working closely with business executives and strategizing about future technology directions

“IT and the CIO would need to be relevant ‘for & to’ the business than ever before. Gone are the days when the CIO was just an “IT Manager/Core Technologist”. He will need to transform into a “Business Strategist” so as to enable the business to be more relevant itself.” –Sandeep Parikh director IT, Microsoft India

“IT will continue to gain importance in the board room and will play a key role in product development, services optimization and workforce productivity; as the workforce continues to grow younger and more tech-savvy, IT must remain flexible and committed to the rapid consumerization of services and capabilities.” –VC Gopalratnam CIO Cisco Globalization & VP IT

Availability of Highskilled Manpower

India is globally generating minds of great engineering abilities…

“The requirement of manpower for provision and management of this paradigm is going to impact the Training and Services industry also. The next decade is going to witness a major shift in all domains of present IT, thus resulting in different IT careers.”- Jitendra Singh CIO, HIL


IT needs to get ready for a ‘borderless’ technology. Convergence is accelerating as existing networks, platforms, and services are modified to offer new and upgraded versions…

“Enable businesses to grow and capitalize on opportunities in the digital economy with greater integration of ICT. Convergence of technologies is also creating opportunities for building new solutions on cloud, mobility, social media & analytics.“- Makarand Sawant GM IT, DFPCL

“Collaborative working on Virtual Platforms would increase many fold. Applications will have to be platform independent. Unified Communication would be key to success.”- Lt Col (Retd) Shankar Gurkha CIO, GIPCL

Indian IT will be the Key Player in India’s Growth Story

The next decade will see prolific growth in terms of services, platforms, products and new trends. Social Media, Mobility and Cloud have the potential to completely change the IT landscape-in terms of how IT is used and managed

“As we move into the next decade, IT must find ways to: increase investment toward new capabilities, reduce the cost of running the business, derive insights from large collections of data, and support a tech savvy and smart mobile workforce.”Hemal Shah CIO, Dell India

“Investment into IT by Indian Industry will increase manifold. Indian Industry will invest smartly in adopting newer technologies and newer business models or engagement models faster. Many of the future engagements in India will be based on pay-for-use or subscription based models. Product Service companies will dominate India Inc’s next growth phase.” –Swaminathan Rajagopalan head IT, Nippo Batteries

“By 2020, I expect drastic shift in three areas: IT enabled Services, Cloud Services and Mobility. I expect organizations like bank, insurance, and financial services to focus on product development, distribution, branding and marketing, and service providers, offering complete back office solutions.”- V Nayak P Khandye head, project management & IT excellence, India Life Insurance

“The Indian IT scenario can expect an upward shift in the effectiveness of better secured and consistent products and apps in the coming years. We also see companies experiencing a greater impact of a globalized economy. With new competitors mushrooming at great speeds, markets that were previously inaccessible will soon be seen targeting companies to tap new customers as well as new talent” –Jorge Steinfeld CIO, Check Point Software Technologies

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