CIO Digital Foundation announces a platform to support Digital India

CIDIF- CIO Digital Foundation, a not for profit Organization, Corporate led initiative by Industry IT Leaders today announced platform to collaborate and support Government of India for its Digital India and Skill Building Programs to convert the dream into a reality and to align with IT (India Talent) + IT (Information Technology)= IT (India Tomorrow).
Speaking about the importance of such initiatives,

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma, Director General, NIELIT said, “Efforts to improve educational levels are crucial and are already being carried out by different organisations to fill critical skilled shortages. Compared to other regions of the world, new business incubation is in its infancy here and the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial networking are huge.”

Dr Omkar Rai, Director General, STPI said while speaking on Opportunities and Challenges in Digital India program “When we talk about Digital India, the first step is access to high quality broadband and a smartphone. We are still lagging behind in comparison to countries like China and US, with a broadband penetration as low as 6%. Also there is less information and education of people in terms of what is data stealing and privacy breach.

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