China’s New AI Powered Police Station Won’t Have Humans

Next time a citizen in Wuhan (Chinese city) needs some help from the police, there’s a good chance that they will be dealing with AI rather than human. On 7th November, China announced plans to build unmanned police station powered by AI. The new police station will focus on vehicle related matters.

According to Chinese financial paper Caijing Neican,the new police station will offer driver examinations and provide registration services. It will be rigged with assortment of facial recognition technology developed by Tencent will identify the people within the station. The AI will just glance at the person’s face and help eliminate the need of menial form filling and ID cards. There will be no need for logins and paper work. The system will have all the information that it needs. The main idea of this concept is that it will eliminate the need for users to sit at stations for long periods of time, sign up for accounts, or download apps — the AI will access all pertinent information as soon as it sees the person’s face.

The Caijing Neican quoted as saying “Police stations are crucial state organs of power. Public security enforcement is the most important social service provided by the government.

“But today, they are also changing and advancing with the times! The light of AI has begun to shine on this area.”

According to reports, the station will work 24/7, which means that citizen can take driver’s test even in the middle of the night. China plans to become world leader in AI by 2030.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence is immense. It can save hours of time of humans who would spent otherwise filling out forms. This would also reduce paperwork.

This year, China also announced that it will be increasing government spending into AI by $22 bn over the next few years, with an aim to spend $60 bn on the tech annually by 2025.

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