China more prone to cyber attacks than India!

With the recent cyber-attack that has hit the world, being one of the largest and publicly disclosed – ever – in the history of the Internet, Akamai Technologies have been monitoring the situation and with this real-time data we have been able to identify the global regions with the greatest attack traffic.
Real Time Attack Traffic Overview:

according to current traffic, india is on a safer zone whereas countries like china, US and even russia is prone to cyber attacks on large scale.

“The recent Spamhuas DDoS incident highlights the fragility of the Internet and many of the core services that World Wide Web is built on. The Internet is an inter-network of separately managed networks, that are connected together through a series of hierarchal relationships between network providers. Those who attacked Spamhaus were smart in understanding these relationships and after initial efforts to disrupt the availability of the Spamhuas website failed, targeted the upstream network providers. These attacks were designed to ‘suffocate’ where many of the networks meet at what are known as Internet Exchanges (Ixs),” says John Ellis, Enterprise Security Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Akamai.

By targeting these Internet Exchanges (Ixs), the Spamhaus attackers were able to create significant amount of congestion at key points of the Internet. This resulted in significant portions, and users of the internet experiencing performance issues. Whilst, the Internet Exchanges were able to reroute around these congestion points, the attack further highlighted additional vulnerabilities in design and implementations of networks on the internet.”

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