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Check Point Infinity Next platform supports multi-cloud environments

Check Point Software Technologies has announced the Infinty Next platform as the future of cyber security. It provides the best service SLA.

Gil Shwed, founder and CEO, Check Point Software Technologies said that we are living in a connected world. This year is no exception. Tokyo 2020 will rely on the Internet. The games also represent the evolution of technology over the years. All of the online environments must be secure. We secure your everything! The evolution of connecting humanity via technology is enormous. From 1984, when the connection was 9600bps, to today’s 1Gbps per second, the evolution has been tremendous. Check Point launched the firewall version 1 in 1999, from 10Mbps. Today, we are doing 1.7Tbps.

Connecting the world has come a long way. Every environment needs to be secure. We have been securing the Olympics over the last decade. Cyber crime is a global threat. In CapitalOne, over 100 million accounts were breached on the cloud. In France, a healthcare company was attacked. In Alaska, an airline had to cut flights for days.

Cyber crime is getting more and more organized. There are cloud security risks evolving. Ransomware is on the rise. Mobile malware has been increasing. Now, there are new attack vectors, such as 5G and IoT.

Check Point

Addressing challenges
So, how are we addressing all these challenges? The first generation of cyber attacks had started in 1990s, and there was anti-virus protection. Today, we are starting to see Gen 6 of attacks, that have led to nano security. Most of the enterprises are still protected at Gen 3. How can we change that?

A CISO said they have many products and need to consolidate. DevOps says that security should be automatic. We have options such as having startup / point products. Another approach is to have native security inside the systems. Some vendors have pushed for stitched products. They may not deliver. We are looking at a more secure and manageable solution for the enterprises.

We have defined the security principles. One is the real-time prevention. Prevention protects your assets and detection produces alerts. You can secure the new assets in seconds! Check Point also brings agility and consolidation. Its time to redefine security. Check Point is now introducing the Infinity Next platform. The Infinity Next platform supports multi-cloud environments. It covers all connected devices.

Eg., at St. Martin Hospital, there are 19 different vendors protecting platforms, data centers, etc. There is ever increasing complexity. There can be 3,000 challenges facing you. Check Point secures 50+ types of assets. We cover cloud, mobile, endpoints and networks. Now, there are cloud workloads and IoT. We are securing all of these assets using the Infinity Next. We prevent known attacks, prevent the unknown threats, there is zero trust access. We are also providing hardening and compliance, and provide code and API security. We are offering over 60 security services. We provide unified security across all the assets.

How does it work?
Now, the question: how does it work? Its Gen 6 nano security! That’s agile and complete!! There are no upgrades and it is available everywhere. The Infinity Cloud offers security services. There is run-time prevention, and web application and API protection. Nano agents enhance the security delivery. Infinty Next is the future of cyber security. It provides the best service SLA. We need to start the Gen 6 journey today. We have AI-based technology, and provide nano sensor data collection.

Earlier, Peter Alexander, CMO, Check Point Software Technologies, said that we are celebrating the first year that more IoT devices are getting connected than computers and mobile devices. Everything is now becoming connected.

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