ChatGPT Bing Search Reportedly Begins to Appear, Here’s How it Works

ChatGPT Bing Search has reportedly appeared for a few people who have shared their experience on Twitter. According to a user called Owen Yin, ChatGPT Bing Search appeared to him for a short while before Microsoft turned it off. He claims that the new search bar allows users to enter text of up to 100 words. However, there is no official word from Microsoft or OpenAI on this development so far.

How Does ChatGPT Bing Search Work?

The new Bing will have the ChatGPT search bar integrated into it. ChatGPT Bing Search answers the questions with the relevant links along with a summary of the results in an answer format. The old search tab will also be available along with the ChatGPT version. However, with the new Bing, users will be able to interact with the search page like a Chatbot. Users can reportedly sign up for the new Bing once it is officially announced. 

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About Microsoft and ChatGPT

Media reports had claimed earlier this week that Microsoft was planning on incorporating a faster version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, known as GPT-4, into Bing in a bid to make its search engine more competitive with Google. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has captured the attention of millions of users across the globe within a short time of its launch for its ability to answer questions accurately and even being able to write codes and essays. GPT-4 will reportedly be even faster than the existing ChatGPT that takes a few seconds to answer questions.

Recently, OpenAI and Microsoft announced that they were extending their partnership. Microsoft said that it was making a “multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment” into OpenAI. “In this next phase of our partnership with OpenAI, we will deliver the best AI infrastructure, models, and toolchain for customers to safely and responsibly build and run their applications on Azure,” said Satya Nadella, CEO and chairman, Microsoft Corporation on the investment 

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI has also shared that the past three years of OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft had been great. “Microsoft shares our values and we are excited to continue our independent research and work toward creating advanced AI that benefits everyone,” he said.

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