How Chatbots are Redefining User Engagement and Experience in the Beauty Segment

Chatbots use advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality to help customers examine if the beauty products match their skin tone

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Chatbots in the beauty industry

Across the globe, companies have recognized user experience as an important part of their growth strategy. Innovative companies are leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment user experience and boost customer loyalty. To that end, numerous companies are honing the power of AI-powered chatbots that help them engage better with their customers and gain a deeper understanding of their experience.


A chatbot is an AI-powered application that communicates and performs basic tasks, and streamlines interactions between services and people. The idea behind a chatbot was introduced by a scientist Alan Turing in the 1950s. Since then the concept has evolved to become an extremely sophisticated application that has found its role across industries. From being the first point-of-contact for website visitors to offering customer care services, chatbots are truly disrupting the way companies engage with their customers.

How chatbots are revolutionizing the beauty industry

Beauty companies are deploying chatbots to revolutionize the user experience, both online and offline. Offering personalization to users, chatbots are being used for offering beauty consultations, scheduling appointments, and influencer marketing for big beauty brands. In the offline space, chat bots are able to offer a unique in-store experience to those interacting from remote locations.


With most beauty brands widely operating on e-commerce sites, customers are unable to try on products before buying them. Chatbots are bridging this gap by making use of augmented reality and virtual reality to help customers examine if a concealer will match their skin-tone, or if a lip colour will complement their look. All that customers need to do is upload their selfies onto the messaging interface and the effect of the lip colour or the concealer is superimposed on to it.

When it comes to other products such as shampoos and face washes, chatbots can ask questions about the users’ hair or skin type and help them zero in on the perfect brand and variant for them. This makes the shopping experience much more seamless while increasing the chances of repeat purchases.

Chatbots as virtual artists


Some beauty brands have developed beauty bots that effectively play the role of a virtual artist. Apart from helping users to try out a vast range of makeup shades and tones, the bot also recommends other products that would complement the customer’s skin tone and style. The bot can also colour-match and suggest products as per customer’s dress (picture of which customers can upload). Chatbots also help customers book in-person makeup consultations.

The benefits of chatbots are numerous, both for the company as well as its customers. A welcome change from time-consuming interactions with human customer service agents, chatbots are available 24x7 to promptly help customers out. Chatbots are not only cutting down hiring costs and ramping up profits for businesses, but also helping them gain loyal customers.

Ms. Saania Singh, Co-Founder, Zero Gravity Aesthetics