The Changing Face of Customer Centricity: The Dell Story

Predicting the challenges encountered by CXOs, the Dell Latitude 7000 Series takes care of anything and everything associated with these roles

For quite some time, addressing customers’ requirements in real time has been important for brands to maintain a competitive edge. However, this ‘real time’ is no longer sufficient enough. Time has come for brands to fulfill the requirements even before their customers are aware of them. Welcome to the world of predictive analytics. Increasingly, leading organizations are making the most of predictive analytics to foresee the future and get it right while designing their products.

It may sound like something futuristic; however, its building blocks are now well grounded. Putting data at the heart of the product designing process is steadily becoming the norm. Leveraging this data, organizations are taking cognizance of their customers’ requirements and getting it right while designing their products.

A good case in point is the recent brand film by Dell EMC on the Dell Latitude 7000 Series. This series is designed in a way that resonates well with its consumers’ changing needs. Targeting specifically the decision-makers of organizations or the CXO-level, this series struck an impeccable balance between its look and features. While its high speed and alluring design go well with the corporate image of top honchos, its functionality and features make these laptops a reliable computing partner of their high-performing work ethics.

Setting a new benchmark of performance, reliability, and design—the laptops of this series are indeed coming at par with all leaders who believe in inculcating nothing but the best in everything they pursue and challenging their status quo, every time.

To strengthen this message, the brand film beautifully reinstates how the laptops of this series live up to the expectations of today’s leaders—the top rung of organizations. Predicting the challenges faced by the people falling under this segment, the film shows how these laptops—as an ideal computing partner—understand deeply the journey that CXOs need to traverse to reach the top or stay there. More importantly, it lays emphasis on the fact that these laptops complement these leaders’ performance while they ride high on the unpredictable business landscape.

With an attention-grabbing script and amazing visuals—the film depicts how these laptops reflect the attitude and capability of leaders and how they keep up with the unpredictability and pressure faced by these leaders. Predicting the challenges encountered by CXOs, the Latitude 7000 Series takes care of anything and everything associated with these roles—which is more than what meets our eyes. And the brand film presents this message in a very touching way.

Watch the #AtParWithyou video here.

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