Cementing Growth

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New Update

In a bid to modernize its business processes, Andhra Cements underwent

massive changes on the technology infrastructure front. The company established

an integrated network infrastructure in order to have a seamless and secured

network connectivity in place. This move enabled Andhra Cements to shift to

broadband from dial-up.


Implementation of broadband connectivity has facilitated the company to

deploy technology to enable and accelerate its processes, and drive business to

new heights. "Modernization of IT infrastructure started happening over the last

two years. This was vital since without embracing new technologies, its

impossible to drive businesses, especially catering to modern needs and growth

patterns," states Shivannarayana Vemula, assistant general manager, systems,

Andhra Cements.


assistant general manager, systems, Andhra Cements

With SAP, we will have an online model migrating from our

offline legacy system based on COBOL

Improve thy Network!

An improved network connectivity allowed Andhra Cements to create its own

website and email system, thus enhancing its communications systemboth for

internal as well as external users. "We now have a unified mail system that has

given us an effective and faster platform for communication. The website will

further help us to leverage on areas like branding, marketing, lead generation

among others," says Vemula.


The VPN MPLS connectivity is also helping the company to connect and

integrate all its branches and manufacturing plants. Andhra Cements is also

working on to implement SAP ERP. "Presently, we are on an offline legacy system

based on COBOL. With this new system we will have a complete online model," adds

Vemula. The online system will help Andhra Cements to make all information

available online, thereby enhancing overall business process efficiency. "It

will also help the management to remain updated and access all kinds of

information by virtue of which critical business decisions can be taken

instantaneously," he says. Therefore, processes would be faster and more


Go for IT

The new IT system has been planned keeping in mind the recent business needs

as well as keeping the option open for future up-scaling. As the company is on

an expansion spreeby setting up more manufacturing plantsthe new ERP system

will help the company to get a live and integrated system in place. Till now all

its core processes like supply chain management and inventory management were

running on individual legacy systems. With deployment of SAP, the four key

processesnamely finance, sales and distribution, production planning, and

material managementwill be integrated on a single platform.

In the next phase, the company will integrate its payroll and HRMS with the

new system, thus covering almost all core business functionalities. Further, it

will automate both its weighing and packaging systems and integrate with ERP.

"This will enhance better transparency in material and production management as

well as raw material management," says Vemula. To sum it up, the key benefits

that Andhra Cements will achieve through this reformed IT infrastructure are

cost-effectiveness, business efficiency, transparency, and productivity


Piyali Guha