Celebrating 35 Years Of Dataquest: Read Here What PM Narendra Modi Says About'Innovation'

New Update

I am happy to learn that a Special Issue in December 2017 is being brought out to celebrate Dataquest's 35th anniverasry. Hearty Congratulations to the team at CyberMedia on reaching this momentous milestone.


From the era of big computers to the era of big data, the world has indeed come a long way. Dataquest's journey of 35 years has coincided with a period of great technological progress a time that many regard as the most technologically innovative period in human history.

Technology is a great tool to make the lives of people better. If there is one thing we have learnt over the decades, it is that there is always a better way to do things. Innovation happens when someone looks beyond their circumstances and thinks creatively.

Such creative and innovative thinking can help solve problems of a vast nation. Technology plays a supportive role in ensuring these solutions attain a scale that can impact billions of lives. In this regard, it is important that publishers such as CyberMedia inspire young minds to observe the world around them, identify opportunities and think of pioneering solutions.

Once again I congratulate Dataquest for its eventful 35 year journey and also wish the team at CyberMedia many more such years of taking technology to people.

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