Top 10 Windows Apps for Health and Fitness

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Most of us take good health for granted and rarely pause to think about its impact on our lives. At least, not until we are beset by ailments. Why wait till something goes wrong? Monitoring wellness and staying fit is easy today with the plethora of apps available. There are apps that track your daily exercise routine, calorie consumption, keep you abreast of the latest dietary trends and more.


With World Health Day round the corner on April 7, here’s a look at the top ten Windows apps for fitness and good health, all available for free on the Windows Store.

1. 6-Week Training

Now turn your living room into a gym with the 6-week training app that works as a personal trainer. Transform yourself keeping your personal goals in sight. Take tests for each kind of exercise, which will put you in the appropriate workout level and keep track of your workout. Monitor your progress by looking through the logs and charts available. Available free on the Windows Store.

2. YogaCure


Let the power of yoga balance, purify and strengthen your body and mind. Begin your yogic journey here with an extremely user friendly and detailed YogaCure app. Available free on the Windows Store.

3. My Daily Fitness Guide

As the name suggests, My Daily FitnessGuide is your personal trainer and nutritionist. This is Gold Gym’s official Windows app and helps you reach your ideal body weight and stay fit. With the provision of gym workout logs, customized workout and diet plans, daily workout reminders and photos to track your progress, this app ensures you have everything that you need to get that ideal body. Available for FREE on the Windows Store.


4. powernap

Stressed out? A power nap is just what you need to rejuvenate and knock back stress. The powernap helps you do that by allowing you to set alarms, monitor sleeping patterns and assisting with napping tips so you get your required quota of shuteye. Available for free on the Windows Store.

5. Endomondo Sports Tracker


The only portable personal trainer and fitness partner you can carry around in your pocket, the Endomondo Sports tracker uses the built-in GPS to track your fitness – running, cycling, walking and more. On top of all this, you get audio feedback on your performance during your workout. And meanwhile your friends can follow you live and pep up your performance, all in real-time. Available free on the Windows Store.

6. MSN Health & Fitness

The MSN Health & Fitness app brings you 1000+ exercise and workout videos, a nutritional and medical reference. Plus, trackers for diet and exercise to help you meet your health goals. Available free on the Windows Store.


7. Workout Scheduler

The highest-rated fitness apps on Windows store, the Workout Scheduler lists out thousands of workouts. Along with this, you get step-by-step instructions. Clear illustrations provide easy understanding of moves. No more excuses for not losing weight and getting into shape! If that wasn’t all, you have the option to share your favorite workouts with your Facebook friends. Available free on the Windows Store.

8. Livescape


Exclusive to Windows users, this app works as ‘health lifestyle’ app, rather than narrowing down its impact to any specific ailment. It is, in effect, an activity and nutrition journal, complete with features like GPS tracking, ability to count steps, and keep a log of your daily activity. It is also a calorie burn calculator and weight tracker apart from keeping a watch on daily calorie consumption. This app is available on the Windows Store for INR. 260.

9. RuntasticPushups

If you thoughtpush-ups were hard work and unachievable outside the gym – think again. The Runtastic app works as your personal push-up trainer, helping you reach your “push-up” targets with its efficient and easy-to-follow plans. Available free on the Windows Store.

10. Homemade Remedies

Imagine someone waking up to a sore throator a joint pain. But all that isn’t stopping the boss from tasking that someone with making a presentation to the Marketing Head of ABC Corporation. Worry no more – the Homemade Remedies app has every kind of cure for some of the most common health problems including ailmentssuch as obesity, diabetes, skin and hair woes. Available free on the Windows Store.