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CEGA Group Gains Time and Cost Savings Using Teleopti WFM for Smarter Contact Center Scheduling

Teleopti has announced that CEGA Group, the provider of medical and security assistance, travel risk, medical screening and claims management services, has deployed the company’s strategic Workforce Management (WFM) technology to introduce smarter scheduling for contact center agents and to support a growing international business. Since implementing Teleopti WFM, CEGA Group has realized significant time and cost savings and increased staff engagement.
Global business expansion and changes in the travel risk landscape prompted CEGA Group to replace its original manual system with a fully automated solution.

Steve Marshall, Head of Claims & MRA, CEGA Group commented, “We were impressed by the user-friendliness and look and feel of the Teleopti system. We also received strong recommendations from our insurance partners and the fact that Teleopti as an organisation is solely dedicated to WFM, helped to clinch the deal. Since using Teleopti, we have noticed improvements on many levels. The ease of rostering and forecasting is outstanding. It is also a powerful value proposition when talking to clients and prospects, giving them the confidence that we can forecast call volumes accurately and use agent time efficiently and cost-effectively. Our service level agreements (SLAs) are now more stable and our call abandonment rates have halved.”

CEGA Group went live with the Teleopti solution in the medical screening department in October 2016, extending the system to the claims department a few months later. In a short space of time, the company noticed a series of significant benefits including the fast, efficient production of agent schedules and better response to fluctuating call volumes. Agent self-service enables staff to take ownership of rosters, check and swap shifts and even book their holidays quickly, from home, and with very little management intervention. For supervisors, using real-time adherence puts them in control of their contact center environment, even when they are away from their desk. They can simply log onto the Teleopti system to compare agent schedules as they happen, from their tablets or other mobile devices and make appropriate adjustments on the move.

The financial savings since using Teleopti WFM have included the removal of ‘fall-back’ payments, whereby agents were paid a fixed fee to be on call at weekends in case of sickness. The advance planning and tracking ability of Teleopti WFM to monitor sickness revealed that these payments were no longer necessary. Agents were happy to no longer be on standby and as a result, CEGA has saved several thousands of pounds adding to the very visible return on investment (ROI) of Teleopti WFM.

Nick Smith, UK & Ireland business manager at Teleopti concluded, “Our WFM technology offers fast growth organisations such as CEGA the opportunity to create high-performing contact centres staffed with highly motivated agents. Automation and real-time capabilities support smarter forecasting, yield tangible time and cost savings and help drive meaningful service improvements which means an improved employee and customer experience.”

In the future, CEGA plans to enhance the Teleopti WFM implementation by using it to schedule staff who are dealing with correspondence associated with claims and other customer communication channels, such as email and Web Chat.

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