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CBSE schools have introduced artificial intelligence as a subject in class IX: HRD Minister

CBSE has formed collaboration with technology giants such as Intel, IBM, and Microsoft to introduced artificial intelligence as a subject in schools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been introduced as a subject in classes VIII, IX and X from the session 2019 to 2020 in CBSE schools, said the Union Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD), Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha on 5 December 2019.

The initiative has been undertaken in schools affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in order to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching-learning and to sensitize the new generation, according to a PIB release.

While AI has been introduced as a subject for class IX students, a twelve hours ‘Inspire’ module on artificial intelligence has also been announced, which schools can take up with the students of class VIII. The study material for teaching artificial intelligence in classes VIII and IX has already been provided to schools through the official CBSE website.

CBSE has collaborated with several organizations such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Private Schools, and so on. As part of the collaboration formed with Microsoft, 1000 teachers nominated by CBSE underwent a 3-day project-based training for practical, hands-on knowledge of Microsoft 365 tools such as OneNote, Flipgrid, Teams, Outlook and Minecraft, and Paint3D Microsoft.

They were also trained on digital storytelling; creation of personalized learning experiences for diverse learners; the use of Teams for virtual lessons and how to leverage artificial intelligence tools to create BOTS and demystify concepts around artificial intelligence.

So far, 41 training programmes on artificial intelligence have also been conducted in schools affiliated with CBSE across various places in the country in which 1690 participants (principals and teachers) have been trained.

Nevertheless, the decision to introduce Artificial Intelligence in the States and UTs will have to be taken by the respective Boards. Having knowledge in artificial intelligence has become almost imperative in current times as the technology has become all-pervasive, and has also transformed organizations across sectors.

20 responses to “CBSE schools have introduced artificial intelligence as a subject in class IX: HRD Minister”

  1. Unknown says:

    My school already has an IT related classes since 2017 my school name is THE SCHOOL OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD

  2. Ayush Vashishta says:

    My school do not provide us computers in labs. They reject our applications on havinga a computer class in school. Even they refused our computer classes in a week.I am student of class 10th section D and I am from New Delhi. My school name is , Deoli, Khanpur, New Delhi.

  3. Abu Bokkar Siddique says:

    I am from Nagaon Assam and I have been giving my annual exams of class ix. Will we get this as a subject next year? In class x ? Personally I like this subject very much.

  4. Mamta Chhanwal says:

    Computers as subject from grade 4 onwards is the need of the hour . Today’s children are already techno savvy so providing them subject knowledge would channelise them for better works . Introducing AI is a nice step towards early advancement of kids as they really want something interesting and creative

  5. Komal yadav says:

    Why not add Sex education subject too?

  6. Ishita Gupta says:

    Our school is having computer labs and we go and have practical classes once a week but yeah it is for every week. Our teachers say that it is as same as studying maths practical . #proudofmyschool . It is SHRI SHIKSHAYATAN SCHOOL

  7. Munesh Kumar says:

    And what about moral education, culture, responsible citizen, character.patriosim,

  8. Anand says:

    Really good decision by CBSE board.. Now a days it is very useful to students..

  9. Gia says:

    They should also add vocational courses and make them compulsory for all schools to provide them + syllabus of 11 &12 should be changed it should be more practical rather than theory

  10. Aswani Kumar says:

    Good Decision .
    Free online mock test

  11. Mallika Mehta says:

    My kids are in ICSE board when they will have this opportunity to learn AI in school. My daughter is in grade 9 and my son in grade 5. Pls provide in all boards in India

  12. Divyam Khatri says:

    What about how to pay taxes nd information about gst this a thing which we all need to do in future.

  13. Palash says:

    They should also be teaching moral education till class 8th as a compulsory subject. I had it in my school till 8th class. Regardless of the type of school it should made a mandatory subject.

  14. Venkateswarlu Aduru says:

    Good but what extent of the AI knowledge and skills will be there in the curriculum and how much it will bebenifited to the students is matters a lot.

  15. V Balaji says:

    Things like this all happens only after I finished my schooling. Hate this

  16. rockyjain says:

    In this role is very trendy and useful of upcoming students and thank you for sharing this info. i also suggest some useful information

  17. SSVM School of Excellence says:

    Thank you for all the tips, we can clearly see the efforts and time you have spent in making this article. AI is the future & it is good to introduced AI as a subject. Keep up the good write up.

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