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CBSE Invites Applications from School Students for Aryabhata Ganit Challenge

CBSE has organized the Aryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge to encourage students to use mathematics to solve real-life problems with proper reasoning and assumptions

CBSE has invited school students from its affiliated institutions to take part in the Aryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge. CBSE says that the Ganit Challenge is being organized to promote applying mathematics in daily life with proper reasoning and assumptions through a computer-based test.

“While applying mathematics in daily life students develop the competencies required for mathematisation. During the process of mathematisation students recognize and identify opportunities to use mathematics and then provide mathematical structure to a problem presented in some contextualized form,” says the CBSE website.

Eligibility Criteria for the CBSE Aryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge?

Students from classes 8 to 10 from CBSE affiliated schools can apply for the challenge out of which top three students from each school can attend the second stage of the challenge. The areas of assessment of the test will be 1. Application of Mathematics in daily life, 2. Joy of Mathematics Learning, and 3. Mathematical ability.

CBSE affiliated schools will need to register for the Aryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge on the official website before 15 November 2019. From 18 to 22 November 2019 a question paper will be made available to the registered schools with answer keys through the online link. Schools will the n be required to identify top three students through this test. No application fee is required for this test.

The second stage of the challenge requires the school to make an online application fee of Rs 900 through credit card, debit card or NEFT from 18 to 25 November 2019. A computer-based test will be conducted by the board for the top three students registered from each school on 29 November 2019.

10 schools from each region with the maximum number of student participation in the first stage shall be given an appreciation certificate by CBSE. Interested schools are advised to go through the official notification in detail for more information on the Aryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge.

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