CBSE Class XII English Exam

CBSE Class XII English Exam: Systematic Exam Plan to Improve your Grade

The CBSE Board Examination is just around the corner. The necessity of the hour is to concentrate on the target. Few are well prepared, while others require encouragement to enter the active phase. So, here are some million-dollar suggestions on tackling the test with complete confidence and passion for the CBSE Class XII English Exam.

Writing Techniques:

  • Make a collection of quotations on broad issues such as the environment, health, women’s empowerment, science and technology, national integration, social media, and so on, and learn how to utilise them in writing abilities for an excellent write-up.
  • Create a chart with all the writing skill forms and have it near your study table to be reviewed regularly.
  • Identify emphasis spots of various writing abilities where errors may occur and rewrite them regularly to avoid the mistakes.
  • Prepare themes for article writing such as health and hygiene, education, climate change, gadgets, etc.
  • Prepare notes on current events, social concerns, and awareness, such as traffic congestion, road rage, cleanliness, crime, and deforestation, for a letter to the editor. Along with the problem, causes, and repercussions, you must offer 4-5 remedies.

Tips for Improving Reading Comprehension:

  • The reading section would consist of two ten-mark sections with a mix of MCQs and non-MCQs. Reread the paragraph, paying attention to the significant points.
  • In a case-based passage, accurately interpret the offered pie chart, graph, table, or visual since one-half of the questions will be based on the graphic provided with the reading.
  • Pay attention to terms like DO NOT, IS NOT, and NOT while reading questions since the intended response is the odd one out of the supplied possibilities.
  • Vocabulary terms are frequently tricky. The query might be about word derivation, meaning, synonyms, or antonyms.

Literature Suggestions:

  • Thoroughly read the chapters, play, and poetry, underlining key phrases, incidents, and examples. Please put them in the responses. Use mind maps and flow charts to help you navigate the chapters.

Study the figures of speech in all five poems:

  • Thoroughly prepare chapters such as Indigo, On the Face of it, The Last Lesson, The Enemy, Memories of Childhood, Deep Water, and Lost Springs since they deal with real-life problems/situations.
  • Questions are expected from this year’s curriculum chapters, such as Poets and Pancakes, Poem- A Roadside Stand, Interview, and Journey to the End of the Earth. Prepare them well.
  • Identify the poet’s or writer’s tone, themes, and sub-themes, and include them in your replies as appropriate.
  • Create character sketches of the key characters in the novel or play and back them up with text references.


Performance of students in CBSE Class XII English Exam may improve if the above mentioned steps are followed. In addition to this students are also advised to solve previous year papers to help better their performance.

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