CBSE Class 9 and 11 Exams: Here’s Why Students and Parents Are Requesting for Online Exams

CBSE class 9 and 11 exams will most likely be held in February 2021, and students and parents have been requesting for online exams

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CBSE class 9 and 11 exams, which are expected to be held in February 2021, must be conducted through the online mode, say several students and parents who have been making this request to the Government of India on social media platforms. Several petitions regarding the same are being circulated to gather the attention of Government officials.


While there has been no official word from CBSE on the matter, and holding online examinations for classes 9 and 11 may not be possible for several infrastructure-related reasons, students and parents have put for their view as to why the examinations must be held online. Furthermore, students are also demanding for the board to announce the date of examinations soon.

Why CBSE Class 9 and 11 Exams Must be Held Online According to Students and Parents

  • Classes have been held online all year, so why offline exams now: Students claim that online classes are not sufficient to give examinations. Also, since classes have been held online all throughout the year, it would only be fair to hold the examinations online as well. “For the whole year we've been studying online. We even got our registration done through online forms, and now all of a sudden, we are being asked to give offline exams. We are not mentally prepared for offline exams. Please help us,” says a student Ahin Das.
  • CBSE class 9 and 11 exams are not as important as board exams: Some views also state that since class 9 and 11 exams are only required to promote students to the next class, it can be held online. “Final exams for class 9th and 11th should be conducted online in this risky pandemic. Also if we think academically, 9th and 11th results do not matter at all. Therefore why offline exams for class 9th and 11th?” asks Sambhav Tehlan.
  • The COVID-19 infection fear is still prevalent: Students and parents say that holding offline examinations for such a large number of students may result in rise of cases as COVID-19 virus still exists, and the vaccination roll-out is not yet complete.
  • Lack of feedback due to online classes has left students unprepared: Students also say that they do not really know how well prepared they are since they have not been able to receive or give feedback to their educators. “Transitioning to an online format of teaching has been very difficult for the professors, especially with almost no feedback/face to face interaction with students. The students of 9th and 11th are not ready for offline exams,” says Aditya Kumar Shah.