CBSE Board Exams 2021 Poll Results: Check Percentage of Students That Want Offline Examinations

CBSE board exams 2021 are scheduled to begin from 4 May amidst students, parents and notable personalities requesting for them to be cancelled

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CBSE board exams 2021 should be cancelled said a majority of people who voted on the poll conducted by Dataquest. Nearly 37 percent of the voters of the poll, which has received close to 1500 votes so far and is still open for polling, said that the examination must be cancelled as the year has been really tough for students due to the pandemic, relatives falling ill and online classes. This particular option has received the maximum number of votes, which is 537 out of 1500.


“I like how the majority of votes are hoping for cancellation of examinations, and not for postponement. I support this the most as well as students have not got the time or the resources to study for this exam over the last year. Also, we cannot risk our lives in this pandemic,” said Mohd Samad.

Apart from cancelling examinations, students are also requesting for online examinations. As many as 29 percent of the students, which amounts to 424 votes, have asked for the examinations to be conducted online. “Why are our exams priortised over our health? If u are saying that we had enough time to prepare for boards then it is absolutely not acceptable. You are talking about preparation, our teachers are not even taking our classes after our offline pre board got finished. Is it our fault that this pandemic is spreading like this? We are not even eligible to take the vaccination. Please let us give exams online. It is the question for our entire career,” says Khwahish Mannotra.

CBSE Board Exams Poll


264 voters, amounting to 18 percent, who understand that cancellation or postponement may not be possible, have asked for examinations to be postponed until the situation improves. “I can totally understand the fear and anguish of students who wants to write online exams or wants to cancel the exams. But my question is to some of them, not all, where was this fear when students gathered in public to campaign for cancellation of boards? Where was corona then? What about chilling in malls and family functions? It has been noted that some students had no fear of coronavirus until April and suddenly started having them on the wake of board exams. Stop the hypocrisy, we got ample time. Now addressing the real problem. At a point where COVID cases have reached an all time high, we can think about postponement but not cancellation,” says Mohith.

The least number of voters, which is 16 percent amounting to 237 votes, opted for the examinations to be conducted offline. “First and foremost, it is unfair to cancel CBSE exams now. India is not just CBSE. Guys in CBSE must realize that they are not the only students in this country. Students studying in the respective state boards is significant, perhaps more than CBSE. Now, most of the state boards have conducted the exams. Usually online and a few classes offline. All the exams for other classes are over or getting over soon. 10th and pre-university are to be conducted soon. Given that situation, having a separate norm for CBSE is unfair. Why treat them as special? That is a social injustice. Second, COVID will not go away. New variants, new strains, refined vaccines… the saga will continue for at least a couple more years. Many sectors of our society have adapted fast to this new norm. The public education sector needs to embrace the reality and move on. No question of cancelling the exams and spoiling a year for the students or promoting without exams and spoiling the future of those students,” said a voter Madhu.

Those who wish to vote on the poll can visit this page: Should Exams Be Conducted Offline or Online? Poll Here