NIOS Board Exams 2021

CBSE Board Exams 2021 Getting Postponed Instead of Cancelled Will Make Me Lose Opportunity Abroad: Student

CBSE board exams 2021 for students of class 12 will most likely be conducted when the situation is conducive to hold examinations

CBSE board exams 2021 should be canceled and postponed, students now opine. While a decision with regard to conducting the examinations will be taken in June, a section of students have been questioning the Government of India as to how the situation could be conducive to hold exams in June. Furthermore, students are losing out on opportunities of higher studies in Universities abroad.

Unlike last year, several students have also lost family members and relatives in the pandemic, which has not allowed them to even think about examinations they say. “I’m a 17-year-old student studying at CBSE and I’d like to share my account of this situation. The first time boards were postponed back in March there were only 17,000 daily cases and now at 400,000 daily cases and these people want to hold the exams. What changed? Was the first time just a PR stunt? Or are our lives just insignificant now? This blatant falsehood is very sad,” said a student to Dataquest.

“Relatives of mine are passing away every day. It really takes a toll on a person. This feeling of helplessness, and of knowing that tomorrow I could be infected..I could be the reason my grandparents might die. I’m a 17-year-old kid…I shouldn’t have to go through this..I don’t need this on my conscience,” added the student on the condition of anonymity.

He also claims that he had received an offer from a university abroad, which he may have to let go of if CBSE board exams 2021 for 12th standard students keep getting postponed. “I had received my conditional offer from my dream university abroad but because CBSE keeps postponing boards I won’t be able to send my final results on time so my family’s lifelong hope for one of us to get into a university abroad is already broken. This is so stressful. Nothing is in my control anymore,” he said.

No Word from Indian Government on CBSE Board Exams 2021, But Other Offline Exams in May Postponed

As uncertainty surrounds the conduct of CBSE board exams 2021 for students of class 12, in a separate announcement the Government of India has requested all universities and institutions to postpone examinations that were scheduled to be held in May. In a letter addressed to all the heads of centrally funded institutions, Amit Khare, secretary, higher education has urged the institutions to postpone all offline examinations scheduled in the month of May 2021.

The secretary of higher education, however, said that online examinations may be held as scheduled. Nevertheless, the secretary has so far not mentioned anything with regard to the conduct of CBSE board exams 2021 for students of class 12. Higher institutions have also been advised to ensure that if anyone in the institution needs any assistance it should be provided as soon as possible help so that they come out of the distress at the earliest. The secretary has further requested institutions to encourage everyone who is eligible for vaccinations to take them, and also maintain COVID appropriate behavior.

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