Case Study: HDFC Standard Life

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The private sector life insurance company, HDFC Standard Life rolled out its

first policy in December 2000. Now, three years later, the first of the policies

would mature and that’s when the insurance business gathers action and

momentum. Says Sunil Rawlani, head, IS and IT, HDFC Standard Life, "The

insurance business is inherently process-centric–the fulcrum of the business

is process knowledge management between products and services. With any change

in product or service, the fulcrum moves."



from the start, the business had to have a focus on process; having

the right process the first time"

Sunil Rawlani, head, IS & IT, HDFC Standard Life

Therefore, right from the start, the business had to have a focus on process;

having the right process the first time. Consequently, a separate management

function called ‘process’ was instituted right from the start. The

joint-venture partner in the company Standard Life also brought in a lot of

process knowledge to this function.

If process was important, so was the administration and management of the

process. Hence, it was decided that the workflows within the process had to be

managed using IT so that four key process objectives were realized: processes

are standardized, processes can be changed, processes can be measured, and

process MIS is available. Additionally, it was required that productivity of

people allocated on the processes could be measured so that resources could be

better utilized.

After considering a slew of products and vendors like Newgen, e-process-Filenet,

Dess, Hummingbird, Savvion, MQWorkflow, and Domino.Doc among others, the choice

fell on Staffware Process Suite v2. New business acquisition was the first

process that was taken up. The next one being considered is policy servicing.

Claims processing being a very complex area will be taken up later. The ultimate

objective is to run an enterprise-wide workflow management using Staffware.

Easwar S Nair in Mumbai