From Jobs to Career is a new startup that aims to shift the focus from jobs to career so that individuals do not face the mid-career crises

Career websites and career-oriented apps are a commonplace today. Most of them assert to be different and far more nimble in their approach. These websites and apps often claim to bring you offers from the best of the organizations. It may be true, but this is not the area of concern. The problem is that these mobile or online career platforms often tend to ignore the long-term prospects of your career. Most of them remain focused on bringing you closer to an offer. They do not care if the job will help you in your career development. Or is the job in line with what you have learnt or experienced? There is one startup WorkAmmo which claims to address this problem. WorkAmmo has unveiled an application that focuses on the overall development of the candidate.

If the founder Richard Cowley is to be believed, WorkAmmo was founded on a simple insight: When individuals achieve, teams achieve; when teams achieve, organizations achieve; and when organizations achieve, economies grow. “To enable this transformation, we offer a suite of intelligent, game-changing, end-to-end HR solutions that, on the one hand enables individuals to take ownership of their career journey, and on the other, radically simplifies recruiting,” regards Cowley.

Personal career management

Richard Cowley is a mobile app that helps users to update their profiles on-the-go. The primary focus of the platform is to guide individuals to focus on their career rather than the job. This app claims to incorporate simple yet effective features helping the individuals to learn and enhance their learning. The platform serves consumers with the content which can complement their interests and is based on their professional or educational history. “ assertively enables individuals to take control of their career, starting with young people aged 13, at the cusp of educational choice, all the way through to post-retirees,” says Cowley. He further outlines that the tool allows individuals to make job choices based on their education and preferences. It helps them to stay relevant for a long time. It prevents individuals from falling pray to odd jobs that has no relation to their educational and work history. Richard recently unveiled keeping in mind the challenges available in the life of a person regarding his career. “This platform is a comprehensive personal career management tool that has ignited a heightened awareness and consciousness in the way individuals manage and develop their careers. We have transferred ownership of the career journey to the individual by empowering them to make career decisions that are informed, objective and result-oriented, rather than leaving their professional growth to chance and manager discretion,” adds Cowley.

Plot your career journey allows individuals plot out their career journey—their history, present, and their future goals—all in one place, allowing them to reflect on where they have been and where they want to go. A private space for life, a place to document your career, receive help to develop your career, and finally help you deliver your career by pushing jobs to you based on your profile and preferences. is for any category of employee—full-time, part-time, contingent worker. “Through WAKE, our knowledge engine, members have access to an ever-evolving suite of career management, learning and development tools, which help them achieve their career aspirations,” says Cowley. has jumped in the fray with the hope to shift the focus from jobs to careers. The platform looks intuitive and brings all the easy features on the mobile. “We are planning to reach 100,000 members by March 2016. We have made this available on the web, iOS and Android,” concludes Cowley.

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