CAMS Launches Chatbot to Enhance Customer Experience for Mutual Fund Investors

CAMServ, the chatbot introduced on CAMS website aims at helping users get real time view of various investments

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) announced the launch of ‘CAMServ’, a self-serve chatbot for mutual fund investors. The first of its kind initiative in the industry will provide digital real time Customer Experience (CX) for investors who have investments in CAMS serviced mutual funds. ‘CAMServ’ will cover both Financial Transactions and Non-Financial Transactions (NFTs) related to mutual funds.

CAMServ, the chatbot introduced on CAMS website aims at helping users get real time view of various investments, update contact details, make scheme related changes, update bank account, order a wide range of statement of accounts, initiate nominee details up-dation and perform financial transactions. Investors can also get real-time access to information on Mutual Fund purchases, SIP details, Dividend, FATCA or KYC related queries.

With the Mutual fund industry seeing rapid scaling in new investors with over a million new SIP registrations each month, investor service requests has also been steadily increasing.

CAMServ brings a contemporary edge to investor services offering personalization, ease of access to services across multiple mutual funds serviced by CAMS, real time response experience and anytime, anywhere convenience.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Mr. Anuj Kumar, President and Chief Executive Officer – CAMS said, “We are happy to announce the launch of CAMServ, an interactive interface for most frequently used mutual fund services. CAMServ is a result of our focus to continually enrich customer service leveraging technology. The solution has been designed after extensive study on service demand patterns and service channel preference of investors. CAMServ empowers investors to get their service requirements done using a single window, single session solution unlike the traditional methods of email and physical requests.”

CAMServ uses the guided navigation method to ensure the investors can complete the service request using a pre-defined flow rather than an open-end chat model. This eliminates the frustration that customers often go through when the bot does not understand the requirement.

Real time fulfillment such as up-dation of details, statements delivery, and so on are uniquely offered by CAMServ in a secure manner. To initiate communication with the chatbot, investors need to validate by entering PAN and OTP.

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