Cambridge Technology Enterprises launches Cambridge Innovations for early stage entrepreneurs

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Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE),  focused on the convergence of big data and cloud, announced the launch of Cambridge Innovations (CI), an investor and technology partner to early stage companies leveraging technologies in the area of cloud and big data for disruption. CI aims to tap into innovation globally, giving investors of CTE the opportunity to invest and participate in the returns from U.S.-based start-ups and establishing a pipeline of future CTE clients.


Cambridge Innovations will provide capital, people and technical knowledge to early stage entrepreneurs looking to reach the next level of growth with reduced technology risk. The firm will provide up to 25% of seed capital to launch, a two-year technology plan and the product team to help execute it. As a long-term partner and investor, CI will accelerate a start-up’s growth and success. Entrepreneurs can expect to: (1) Get to a better Series A faster (2) Have time to focus on sales and marketing, rather than solely on product development (3) Accelerate their product roadmap strategically and (4) Collaborate with a scalable and redundant technology team.

Providing a strong pipeline of future clients for CTE, Cambridge Innovations will help CTE stay ahead of a rapidly evolving industry and access the explosive growth of the global big data and cloud market. Founded by a team of highly driven individuals who have created and grown transformative companies with billion dollar outcomes since 1993, Cambridge Innovations will be led by Aashish Kalra, Chairman and Director of Cambridge Technology Enterprises; Sundar Subramaniam, Chairman of IBCC ; and Alexis Kopikis, Partner at Cambridge Innovations.

“We are excited to launch Cambridge Innovations and partner with ambitious entrepreneurs who understand the transformative potential of big data and cloud on businesses and communities across the world,” said Aashish Kalra, Chairman and Director of Cambridge Technology Enterprises. “Cambridge Innovations understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs today; a faster-time to market, the ability to scale, the right product development team and the necessary capital are the difference between long term success or failure. CI will meet these needs and remain committed to each start-up. This benefits Cambridge Technology Enterprises by creating a strong pool of future clients and access to the strongest innovation in the field.”


Cambridge Innovations currently has three firms in its portfolio:

Causemo is evolving the experience of charitable giving by seamlessly integrating cause appeals into everyday digital consumer experiences. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Causemo is a digital giving platform targeting the US$358 billion a year US non-profit donation market. The company is creating simple and engaging ways for consumers to learn about, donate to, and champion a cause. For causes, corporate sponsors, apps and sites, Causemo makes it easy to customize campaigns and reach target audiences. Causemo recently raised US$4 million is currently partnered with nearly 20 cause organizations, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, City Year, and Save the Children.

Authess is changing the way education and professional assessments are done, by using data science to determine what someone can do.  Based in Boston MA, the company is led by Chris Kaiser, the former Provost of MIT, and former mobile executives from Pearson.  The company’s mobile and online assessments platform utilizes creative problem solving challenges to determine a person’s readiness to apply his or her knowledge to real-world problems. This enables educators and employers to measure, for the first time, effectively and affordably what someone can do.

RoadZen, with its app StrandD, is disrupting the roadside assistance market through a transformative offering. Started in Pittsburgh, PA by Carnegie Mellon Alumni, StrandD is the largest on-demand roadside assistance service in India right now with 18,000 providers in 1,500 cities to give you peace of mind on the road- anywhere, anytime. StrandD is building key partnerships to have a global footprint and will be launching their next country in Q1’16.