CA Technologies welcomes European commission adoption of EU–U.S. Privacy Shield

CA Technologies welcomed the adoption, by the European Commission, of an adequacy decision on the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield.

“We would like to thank both the European Commission and United States negotiators for their continued efforts in finding a new Transatlantic Agreement on commercial data flows. The annulment of the EU–U.S. Safe Harbor agreement in October of last year created legal uncertainty and confusion for Europe’s application economy and the Digital Single Market,” said Michael Bisignano, general counsel, CA Technologies.

The adoption of the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield is an important step as Europe continues to build its Digital Single Market and stimulate its digital economy. Trust in the protection of personal data when transferred between countries and continents is crucial. Today’s organisations rely on the secure and rapid movement of data in order to deliver innovative services to consumers and for businesses to be competitive on a global scale.

“Since the annulment of the Safe Harbor decision, our customers have had increased uncertainty around the ability to move data internationally and, without a replacement, there was a real risk of a fragmented approach in Europe towards international data flows,” said Bisignano.

“We support the new Privacy Shield framework and hope to be among the first organizations to self-certify compliance with the new program’s rules. We hope both the EU and U.S. will move swiftly to enable organisations to sign up. CA Technologies remains committed to strong protections of the data of our employees, customers and partners. In addition to our reliance on the Privacy Shield, CA Technologies is one of only a small number of technology companies that has obtained authorization for Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) for data controllers,” he concluded.

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