C-Zentrix Enhances Customer Experience in Business

C-Zentrix, the contact center solution provider is transforming customer experience in business. Customer experience is gaining phenomenal importance intoday’s business due to the competitive environment. Businesses in India have started givingtop priority to digital transformation and customer experience which is witnessing huge investment, says an Adobe report. The quality of customer experience has improved in India,according to Forrester’s 2017 Customer Experience Index (CX Index). Customer experience is atan all-time high. It has been seen that firms with powerful implementation of customer experience strategies achieve greater customer satisfaction, a fall in customer churning and an increase in revenue. Furthermore, as per a research conducted by American Express, 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

C- Zentrix recognizes the need of businesses to adopt customer experience, enhancing solutions and thus provide a variety of products for this. They enhance the customer experiences with varied products like CZ Omni that creates a seamless interaction for the customers by integrating all their channels of communication like voice call, SMS, chat, bot, social media and email interactions whereas the Sticky Agent feature helps in routing the call of a customer to the same agent every time they contact for the customer’s convenience.

According to Arijit Chatterji, Chief Business Officer, C-Zentrix, “Our aim at C- Zentrix is to constantly innovate and come up with solutions that can help our clients deal with their customers in the most effective and efficient manner. We believe to provide the tools that help toadopt to the changing needs and trends of the customers and thus help companies enhance their customer experience. Technologies like artificial intelligence and chatbots are helping us to build solutions that can help cater the growing communication needs of companies.”

Customer engagement strategies help companies to retain their customers. Companies need to be constantly in touch with their customers nowadays due to the growing expectation of customers to receive a personalized customer experience. This is the key to retention. We, at C- Zentrix recognize the pressing need of businesses to launch oneself in the future of customer experience and our endeavor is to aid in integrating multiple digital channels to create the desired customer experience. C-Zentrix has built highly secure solutions to offer seamless customer experience among various customer touch points and help enterprises to scale seamlessly to accelerate business growth.

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